Our Summer Family Photos 2018


I am someone who LOVES capturing moments and taking family photos during all stages of life as much as possible. In June, I was already planning on getting family photos done. Mainly, cause when Bennett was 3 months old we had photos taken by friend of mine which we absolutely loved and I wanted to take photos around the same age for Owen. Another thing is, we have been very fortunate to work with different photographers and I specifically love working with new photographers and help them build their portfolio.

I want to preface this with saying I love every photographer we have worked with before and I would totally work with them again. BUT The photos  I am about the show you are HANDS DOWN my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Photos we have EVER taken as a family.

So, to back track… Earlier in the month I was getting ready to start looking for a photographer for Family photos when I received an E-mail from Julia asking if we would like family photos with her. I looked up her work and immediately responded YES! It was like serendipity. We picked a date, time and location and I eagerly waited for the day to arrive.

We selected Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Palo Alto,CA and when we arrived, my jaw dropped. We had lived 15 min. away from this place and had never been. It was this perfect little garden with so many nooks  and crannies offering for a multitude of fantastics shots and a beautiful historical home nearby as well.. in our hour there we didn’t even cover most of the location. We could go back and have a whole different photo shoot experience.

Working with Julia was just amazing, she is a sweet quite women with young children herself and what I loved is that she is very flexible and she moves quickly. Bennett is a a kid on the go and he doesn’t really stop long enough to take a beautiful posed photo (it can drive me crazy) and if you want a wall worthy photo from him you need to be on your toes and Julia was just that!

I could gush about this experience forever but overall I am so grateful to have met and connected with Julia. She is sweet and professional, but also relaxed. I like that she was great with candids, but also giving directions too. If you are in the Bay Area. I HIGHLY Recommend you check her out, on top of that her sessions are VERY affordable and she has even been SO KIND as to offer my followers a discount code Kelsey20 at the booking and get 20% off your session (promo expires 09/01/18)  Seriously, this is an AMAZING deal with or without the code!!!  I am only showing you a small portion of the photos she took and Andrew and I have yet to decide which ones we will be printing to put on the walls cause there are just too many great ones to choose from.

20180619-DSC_996720180619-DSC_022520180619-DSC_0073Do not be surprised if our Christmas Photos this year are taken by her! Go over to her website Shelepova Photography and also, check out her blog post featuring us.. here. And do not forget to use the code Kelsey20 for 20% off your session when you book with her… cause you would be crazy not to!

Family Photos and A Gender Reveal

2 Sundays ago we had family photos done. I had hoped to get them done in the summer. Since I really, wanted to get photos of the 3 of us, while Bennett was closer to 1 than 1 in a half. Such as life if though we were busy and then I was dealing with 1st trimester woes. However, I was determined to get family photos done, and I wanted to get them done before I began showing. Then of course we decided since we already knew the Gender of Baby #2 we would also take some Gender Reveal Photos.

22448679_10154841100185248_1852349574863475935_nWe woke up Sunday Morning and a lazy Sunday. Bennett woke up in an odd mood though, he wanted to lay on the couch and cuddle with us. He is not a cuddler. In fact, the longest he cuddles is about 10 seconds, before he pushes you away, kicks you or just plan gets up and leaves.  He went down for a nap and woke up the same way. However, he was still happy.  I thought, well maybe this is a good omen. He will be nice and calm for photos. Boy, oh boy was I wrong.


Having an independent toddler, I have learned to give up on the perfect posed photo. (I don’t know how other Instagram/pinterest mommas get it done) However, that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of it. However, once we arrived at the Carmelite Monastery and met up with our photographer. Bennett was ready to explore and explore he did. He did not want to cuddle us, he did not want to pose, he did not want to stand still or be held. He wanted to run around, he even fell into a rose bush at the end.


BUT I am beyond happy for the photos we did get. And that is that matters =)

Now onto the Gender Reveal. If you follow me on Instagram (@whatupKT) than you already know that what we are having, but for those who don’t…


We are having another BOY!

“Fun” fact, pretty much right after this photo, I got super nauseous and ended up throwing up! Luckily, there was a tiny bathroom just off to the side.

“We take photos to return to a moment, otherwise gone”


Photography by: WanderKayStudio

Location: Carmelite Monastery in Santa Clara,CA