& Hello 2019

You know, I never really thought of myself has liking New Years. I just enjoyed it being another holiday and excuse to get dolled up and party. However, I was watching an instagram story by ArrowsandBow where she mentioned it is her favorite time of year, because she likes the feeling of a fresh start.

Some people are negative nancies. Cause yes, the fact is it’s just another day. We don’t actually get a re-start. But isn’t the concept nice? Isn’t that sense of renewal well refreshing? Cause even though I never really looked at much that way; the past 3 years I have and quite frankly, I really enjoy it. I enjoy getting new calendars (usually multiple) I enjoy getting planners and blank to-do lists and the feeling I get thinking this may be the year i become a real adult with my shit together and most of all I enjoy making my goals for the year to come.  I don’t do resolutions… although you could say they are the same thing and I don’t do vision boards (we did one year and although I like the concept, finding all the pictures you need can be tedious) So, I make a Checklist. Something I can hang on my little board over my desk and look at frequently to remind what I want to accomplish and what I already have accomplished and given last years worked pretty well for me, I am doing it again this year.

Although, I designed last years… I really designed this years! I drew the confetti sides and everything; which may be lame but gives me some pride and already goes into one of my goals for 2019 which is to design more.  Below is my personal list, which is also available as a Free Printable for anyone else who wants to use it!



Good-Bye 2018!

This post isn’t going to be a sentimental one.  Besides, struggling with a small bout of anxiety and depression these past few months… what has  really kept me from posting on here lately is this cold we have had since Halloween, that hasn’t very really gone away!!!!So, my apologies for that.

2018 has just been an OKAY year for me and the family. We have had some good ups and some pretty bad downs… but over all 2018 has been middle of the road.

However, what this post is really about is the goals in 2018 I accomplished or didn’t.. lol I have wrote a post showing the checklist I made for 2018.



& After…


I have accomplished 12 out of the 18 goals for this year & 7 out of 18 of these goals I have sort of accomplished. (Become more organized,VLog More,Meal Plan More, Cook 1 New Meal a Week, Improve My Credit, Give Back, & Start a Book/CookBook) These are things i DID do, but I don’t feel like I fully completed them to be satisfactory enough to be consider completed. And Just 2 that I didn’t complete. Getting the boys baptized.. *insert eekk face here* but it IS happening in 2019 and travel more. We did go to So.Cal and Idaho this year… but those are kind of typical trips for us, so I don’t count it has actually traveling more.

Overall, I would say I did well. I accomplished quite a bit! 2019 will be interesting because I am adding a lot more to my Goals list, on top of the fact that I also have my Before 30 Bucket List. I will share my 2019 Goals List in a post tomorrow. For now I am going to try and rest and celebrate this NYE with the family. What were some goals you had for 2018 and did you complete them?!

Re-Cap of 2017

I wanted to make a post on this on New Years Eve.

However, Bennett ended up getting Hand, Foot and Mouth =( Which resulted in my attention and energy being fully devoted to him feeling better and comfortable. He is better now and honestly, for how bad it can be he handled it like a champ.

So, 2017 started out rough for us. More so, Andrew but overall as a family it was ROUGH. A weeks before Christmas Andrew’s Grandma passed away. He funeral was scheduled within the first few days of the new year. We had actually spent the the last few days of 2016 in Idaho visiting my Mom. For being such a sad time in our lives. We actually had a great time. Boise had an extremely snowy season and Andrew had never been to or in the snow. (a first he shared with Bennett). We spent our NYE in front of the capital of Boise. Watching them drop a giant potato. Which was an experience to say the least. It was 12-14 degrees but according to the weather app… feels like zero. BUT we did it. It was also, our first NYE that I wasn’t pregnant and that Andrew didn’t fall asleep before midnight.  ANYWAYS, the next day we were scheduled to drive back to California. We spent New Years Day driving home in not ONE but several blizzards. Let me tell you.. that is an experience! In my tiny Kia, with Californians who have never driven in a blizzard and an almost 9 month old. After being delayed a night due to the Sierra’s being closed and having to stay in Reno. We eventually made it home to attend funeral services, the following day.

The next few months were kind of rough for us. It just seemed that everytime we would get our heads afloat, we would be hit with something else. Although, not all bad. It just felt bad. THEN, in May we discovered that the duplex we lived in which we LOVED and had only been living in for 6 months; was raising our rent. BY A LOT. We felt like 2017 was just not going to be our year. We ended up moving back to our hometown. 20 minutes from where we had lived and into my old childhood home. Not something ideally we wanted but made sense for us at the time.

During all of this Andrew and I had been trying to get pregnant. We had reached our year mark of trying and began looking into talking to a fertility specialist and using apps for ovulation. Every month I wasn’t pregnant, was a sad and crushing blow. BUT as you know, in July I would finally get a positive pregnancy test and I would say around then is when our year turned around!

From there, we just didn’t seem to have any bumps (i’m sure we did, but none that were significant enough to bring us down) Bennett went from barely walking, to couldn’t be stopped. He developed an obsession with collecting leaves on walks and playing with Cars. We found out the gender of Baby #2. A Boy. and settled on a name Owen. Bennett had his first Halloween where he could actively participate and had a blast. He was cute little wolf (although, he didn’t wear his ears) and man oh man did that kid eat a TON of candy.

In November my best friend had her baby and Bennett wasn’t a fan of us giving attention to the baby. But was very sweet and affectionate towards him. I’m sure that will change when he realizes the one in my belly is coming home with us. Thanksgiving was fun and Andrew got to go to Cabo! December was all about Christmas shopping, our Christmas party and making sure Bennett didn’t break any ornaments on the tree. Haha Luckily, no ornaments were broken although one present was prematurely opened. Christmas was quite magical. It was the first one that Bennett understood opening presents and I can’t wait until next year, when the concept of Santa is understood.

Of course, as mentioned before we rang in the New Year with a sick toddler. BUT we also, didn’t have any other plans, as this is our 2nd out of 3 New Years together that I was pregnant. So we stayed in, made sure our little one was comfy. Enjoyed each others company, played some Monopoly DEAL (which we got as a Christmas Gift) and we watched the ball drop and kissed at midnight.  Minus our sleeping but sick child. It was actually a nice NYE. It was nice knowing we weren’t going into 2018 with sadness, but the excitement that VERY soon we will be having Baby Owen and just that the positive possibilities feel endless! So, here were are 8 days into 2018 and so far.. (knock on wood) so good.


2018 Goals

I’ll write a post tomorrow about reflecting on 2017 but today’s post I wanted to take about New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t really make any resolutions but more so a general list of things I would like to accomplish in the next year. Essentially, Goals.

Last year, I had Andrew and I make Inspiration Boards. Something, I have heard has great success. Almost like the secret, if you put it out in the world it will come back around to you. The only downside to doing the collage style inspiration board was 1 finding magazine’s that had images we wanted to use ( I mean magazines are quite pricey these days) and the other problem we faced was that our boards were medium -large size and when we moved in June, we didn’t have anywhere to store them.. so they kind of just got hidden behind things and to me that takes away their intention.  With that being said I thought I would share my board with you.


Some of these things were actually accomplished. We got a new kitchen table, a new couch. We got pregnant with baby #2, something we really wanted to happen, but weren’t sure it would. I worked out more, read a few more books than I had in 2016 (but no where near where I used to be) and I definitely cooked more and I notice as I type this out and look at the image above… some of these have also, made it into my 2018.

Instead of doing an inspiration board this year, I decided to make a 2018 Goals Checklist.  Something small (11 X 8) and that I could hang up and look at often to keep me on track and then I could physically see how much I have accomplished as I check them off. Hopefully, more than a handful. (PS. yes, I am aware of the typos)


As you can a lot of more goals are more materialistic, but a lot of those goals.. are expensive, but I need to accomplish professional goals I have on this list.  I also left a few blank spaces in case I think of goals I want to accomplish throughout the year.

If you like the idea of a 2018 Goals Checklist, I made some blank ones that you can print out yourself and add your own goals for 2018. If you end up using the checklist make sure to tag me in your photo on insta (@whatupkt_)