Uncommon & Unique Girl Name Beginning with “B”

See: Girls A, Boys B and Boys A.


How Do You Find Time?

No Seriously, this is mainly directed to the mama’s out there.. specifically stay at home moms who don’t use childcare… but how do you find time in the day to get anything done? With to little ones on different schedules, I find it hard to get anything done during the day.  I wake up every morning with big plans and great intentions but most of my day look is planned around a time with they hopefully both nap and whatever errand we have to run that day and than filled in between with play time, diaper changes and feedings and by the time the day ends I have found i haven’t accomplished much else.

I want our days to be filled with meaningful entertainment and activities for the kids, my house work getting done and being organized, exercise, getting blogs posts done, uploading youtube videos and getting my personal work done as well and maybe reading a few pages of a book.

My biggest struggle I find is that Bennett is at an age where I can’t really leave him alone in a room , cause he now not only climbs on everything but gets into EVERYTHING no matter how childproof  I make it and our home is small. So we don’t have a dedicated play room, where i can throw him in and not worry about anything happening. Owen is 3 months old so my ability to do stuff his based on his attitude and his schedule. AND even if I get a miracle of them napping at the same time, i usually just want to have ME time and once Andrew gets home, I just want to have time with him ( he works 6 days a week… so the few hours a day we get together mean a lot)

I had started a plan to wake up at 6-6:30 AM and go running before the kids wake up. That way Andrew is still home with them. BUT I find myself wanting to sleep in if Owen woke up at 5AM or a few times during the night. I like my sleep and I am a night owl. So today I decided to start a new plan. Instead of going back to bed after taking care of Owen in the morning. I am going to wake up and start my day. That means I may wake up at 3AM or at 6AM and anywhere in between. BUT I will NOT go back to bed. I will wake up and start working, clean whatever needs to be cleaned or organized and workout/go for a run.  Now.. sleep is important but I can either nap when the kids nap or if I have to get up super early go back to bed before the kids wake up.

SO Mama’s i need to know HOW DO YOU DO IT?!  I know it is possible. I know it can be done… but How do you find the time?!  My plan my be crazy and I may fail at it.. but I have to TRY something new, cause the current system I have isn’t working.





20 Uncommon & Unique Boy Names Beginning with “B”

That’s right, I’m going to be going through the Alphabet! Check out my list for the letter A Here & let me know which name is your favorite from the list below!

Unique & Uncommon Girl Names Beginning with A

On Friday I posted a list of 20 Uncommon Boys Names Beginning With A so, I of course had to follow up with the girls version! ENJOY!


Do you have any favorites from the list?! Next up is the letter B, leave your suggestions down below!

20 Uncommon & Unique Boy Names Beginning with A

Last week, a friend of mine on Facebook asked for baby boy name suggestions, as they are having a boy very soon and have yet to fins a name they like. I quickly messaged her and asked her a series of questions to determine the styles of names they were looking for and then I made her a list of 40 names. Whether they end using a name from list, we will see.. but what I do know is I enjoyed making that list. You see, I have always had a fascination with names and their meaning and origins. I am odd like that, always being interested in random subjects and interests. After making that list I thought to myself… could I have this as a job? haha and although, I don’t know if baby list name making for those expecting can actually be a job… I figured.. Hey! why don’t I make it a series on blog?! So today, I present to you 20 Uncommon and/or Unique Baby Boys Names Beginning with the letter A.






And those are the 20 names! What name is your favorite?! Do you have a child with any of these names? Were you maybe inspired to use one of these names? Let me know in the comments down below! Coming soon will be 20 Uncommon/Unique Baby Names for Girls Beginning with A.

10 Weeks Postpartum

I contemplated skipping this weeks check in. I have felt SO good about my body this week, and I feel like I definitely sabotaged myself a little last night but eating THREE pizza of pizza we made ourselves and was definitely not gluten free. I will get it out of the way but I definitely did not accomplish my weight goal of 137, which is okay, but it is disappointing knowing I put the effort in and although, I can feel the results and somewhat see them. To not physically see them on the scale or in the photos is very upsetting to me. However, as much as I want to pretend the two week check in isn’t a thing this week, I will still post it. Also, something to keep on mind, which also may be self sabotage on my part is the fact that I don’t have any underwear that isn’t either a thong of complete full coverage that fits my current size. So for the bottoms, they are obviously tight, which only accentuates the fat. I am also, annoyed that my front facing camera on my phone as such poor quality!


8 Weeks


10 Weeks

I really really HATE looking at these photos.  And I think that is because I know in 2 weeks I will be hitting my 3 month mark and I am not where I wanted to be at 3 months and also, because swimsuit season is coming upon us. So, I have been doing everything right fitness wise and doing decently well food wise.  However, I know I building muscle, but I am not shedding fat. What I need to do is more cardio. Something, I have talked about but haven’t really been able to do. I won’t bore you with why I haven’t really done cardio, besides some small indoor cardio BUT I think starting tomorrow, I need to get up early while Andrew is still home to watch the kids before work and I need to go and run. That is the only way I will start getting the results I want, with everything else I have already been doing. I have also, been drinking a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (with water) every morning and I quite impressed with how much I don’t hate it.

See you again May 31st

Weekly Re-Cap: #1

I am still trying to figure out what exactly I want this blog to be. I have a general idea of content I WANT to create but I am just not quite there yet… and I may write a post on that soon too. However, I do know I want to use it as a diary of sorts, to remember how I was feeling during this time and where the family was at during a particular time. That is also the reason why I have began vlogging.. but I haven’t kept up with it. Bits and clips here and there but nothing daily or weekly. So, the way I look at it, even if I didn’t  film anything. I can a least have a verbal account of what happened that week. I will try and post these every Saturday.  I like the idea of a monthly re-cap, but I just don’t want to miss out on anything and with mom brain being REAL strong these days, that is bond to happen…

We will begin with the Sunday, although I wont go into too much detail since I will be writing a blog post on the day, but we celebrated Bennett’s Birthday Party.  We celebrated it later in the month, to give me some time to actually be mentally present to plan it, since Owen had just been born the month before.  It was a Curious George Theme and Bennett has an absolute blast!


Monday and Tuesday were probably the most trying two days I have had with Owen since he was born. The Saturday before Bennett’s birthday we ended up having to make an emergency trip to the doctors office, because we had been having issues with Owen projectile vomiting. He ended having to go to the hospital and get some blood work and testing done. Luckily, everything came back normal… but he was also given medicine and they had us switch to the very fancy expensive special formula. Fast forward to Monday and Tuesday. I spent my whole day holding Owen cause it was the only way I could get him to stop crying. He was screaming and crying in pain , the vomiting had stopped but now he was just miserable. I would like to add that although, it was exhausting and it was disappointing to not be able to get other stuff done. I amazingly was still sane, and a big part of that probably has to do with Bennett being very good and playing with all of his new toys.

So, after two days of torturous screaming I called the doctors office to see if I needed to come in or if we should just wait for our 2 month check-up. The advice nurse assumed it was just colic but had us come in that morning anyways. I should add, we had to rush to that appointment so everyone including myself were in PJ’s haha. I met with a nice young doctor, as our primary pediatrician is out on medical leave. I liked that she listened to my theory ( this all started once we switched formulas) and she agreed with me! I switched Owen’s formula when we got home back to out regular formula and so far no more screaming and crying in pain. Also, since giving him the anti-acid medicine no more projectile vomit too!


Later that day I also met with my doctor to get a copper IUD… because the shop is closed for babies, at least for another 2-3 years. Like I have a date marked in my calendar on my phone for when we can start trying again, if we want to. The fact that I got an IUD put in is a big step for me, because I have always been funny about birth control. I just have never liked the idea of messing with my horomones and also, remembering to take it. So the copper IUD was a nice option for me. After that appointment I met Andrew and a nearby park, where he was watching the boys.


It might sound silly, but I was super proud of Bennett at the park. He likes to run around the park and he will climb on the structures but doesn’t do much besides that. So it was fun to watch him climb around and go down a slide for the first time, on his OWN. He has never gone down without being on our laps or one of us pushing him down. So, that was a silly milestone moment for this mama.

Overall, nothing too exciting. I have been working out more, began to start a Keto diet. Not fully, but mostly. The main thing I am working on , is to only drink ONE coke a day. I had gotten myself down to 2-3 a day, so now it is just one and I am decreasing my sugar intake by a lot! I am a sweets LOVER so just slowly taking it at of my diet for now is key. I also purchase the sample shirts for my website. Which I hope to launch later this month (fingers crossed!) . Also, May 2nd marked 10 years since my Grandma T passed away; although I was able to keep myself pre-occupied for the day, I have realized I have some thoughts and feelings about her passing that I would love to share soon.

Andrew as per usual has been working non-stop. Even working today (Saturday). He has had two dinners with his boss this week, which is nice. I like it cause it means I don’t have to prepare dinner and he is currently in limbo with his job, as his boss is preparing to sell some of the company. So we are waiting to see if Andrew will be staying with his current boss, going to the new company or being laid off. I would personally be very shocked if it was the latter though.  Since we just got a new SUV earlier this month too, we are hoping he will be staying with his current boss.

As for the boys in general, they are both doing good. I am a little worried that Owen we will be told Owen might need a helmet at his 2 month appointment coming up, since one side is a little flat, but now that we have seemed to fix his stomach issues he is just a normal infant. eating, sleeping and pooping. And man does that kid poop. I never had this problem with Bennett. Bennett never had blowouts or porjectile poop. BUT OWEN. It’s like he waits for me to open his already dirty diaper to start pooping some more! He has also began to smile out of recognization and he really does have the sweetest most joyful smile for baby.

Also, no one warned me how emotional Bennett turning TWO would be for me. Cause now he really isn’t a baby anymore. He is a full fledged “all boy” toddler. The new haircut doesn’t help with my feelings either. I am constantly staring at him in awe and sadness that he is growing up and won’t always be a little boy. He also, gave me a great scare yesterday when he went over the side of our couch, head first into the hardwood floor. Somehow, he was fine though.. but my mama heart drop thinking about how much worse that fall could have been! I am also enjoying watching him play and sing to himself. He is still obsessed with cars and that is what he plays with the most but right now his favorite song to sing is Wheels on The Bus. He just sings the basic on the song ” wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round ,all through the town” but he has now added “shush,shush,shush” for the Mama’s on the bus part. Although, he doesn’t add the mama’s on the bus, he just makes the noises.

And that is it for our week. Most weeks we don’t have many exciting things going on. I spend most of my days in the house with the boys, trying to accomplish a task or two and running errands, but there are always small moments worth remembering.