Unique & Uncommon Girl Names Beginning with A

On Friday I posted a list of 20 Uncommon Boys Names Beginning With A so, I of course had to follow up with the girls version! ENJOY!


Do you have any favorites from the list?! Next up is the letter B, leave your suggestions down below!

20 Uncommon & Unique Boy Names Beginning with A

Last week, a friend of mine on Facebook asked for baby boy name suggestions, as they are having a boy very soon and have yet to fins a name they like. I quickly messaged her and asked her a series of questions to determine the styles of names they were looking for and then I made her a list of 40 names. Whether they end using a name from list, we will see.. but what I do know is I enjoyed making that list. You see, I have always had a fascination with names and their meaning and origins. I am odd like that, always being interested in random subjects and interests. After making that list I thought to myself… could I have this as a job? haha and although, I don’t know if baby list name making for those expecting can actually be a job… I figured.. Hey! why don’t I make it a series on blog?! So today, I present to you 20 Uncommon and/or Unique Baby Boys Names Beginning with the letter A.






And those are the 20 names! What name is your favorite?! Do you have a child with any of these names? Were you maybe inspired to use one of these names? Let me know in the comments down below! Coming soon will be 20 Uncommon/Unique Baby Names for Girls Beginning with A.

Weekly Re-Cap: #2


Welp, first off I am late to getting this posted! So way to go me! But to be honest, this past week is sort of a blur to me…

Sunday, Andrew and I had planned to clean out our Garage. We had recently acquired a whole bunch of my childhood boxes, which ended up taking up a while bunch of space. So my goal was to go through all of the boxes and sort them or throw stuff away and then make space in the garage for everything.  We woke up that morning and I made my delicious Gluten Free Pancakes. and we started to unload the garage so I could go through everything.



Unfortunately, half way through the process of cleaning I got some very sad and serious news. Nothing that I plan on sharing at the moment; but something that definitely put a slight damper to the day.  We decided to run some errands and just hang out and process for a moment. Then I continued with the cleaning process for a short while and mainly just organized the garage so we could get stuff when we needed it. We will be having another clean out day pretty soon though.


The rest of the week I was in a real funk. I tried to get work done, but really just couldn’t muster the energy up to do it. Besides getting workouts in, I cannot remember most of the week. This is what I can remember though…

Tuesday, Owen turned 2 Months old! Which is a shock to me, but it also feels like he has been here 6 months already. It was also National Have A Coke Day so I celebrated just that on Instagram. Also, I think this was the day that the first prototype of one of the shirts we will be selling on the new website arrived too!

With Owen turning 2 months old we had his 2 month Old check up where I was pleased to find out he is gaining weight again! Even if he is still in the 1% percentile. The doctor didn’t seem too worried about his breathing/sleep issues ( i’m still convinced he has mild sleep apnea or something similar) and she confirmed what I suspected that he does have a flat head on one side, but he doesn’t need a helmet at the moment. Besides that… everything looks good.

On Bennett’s end we attempted to begin Potty training, but really I set myself up for failure on this aspect because I really didn’t give myself several days where we are JUST home to prepare ourselves. I am not pushing it, but he is wearing pull-ups, with some naked time and he has sat on the portable potty we have (something I wanted to avoid but felt would work best with Bennett) but doesn’t like it very much, he will in a worried tone say “YAY!” but he hasn’t sat on it willingly yet. To bribe him we give him hot wheels, which he enjoys. BUT i have cleaned more pee AND poop off the floors than I would like to admit.

Friday, we watched my little brothers baseball game (they won) and then we went to dinner afterwards which was nice and Saturday, we went to watch Andrew’s cousin play softball. She absolutely killed it, even if their team lost and afterwards we had pizza at their place. It is always nice getting to spend time with them; since both Andrew and I only met that side of the family 2 years ago and Andrew’s youngest cousin is only a year older than Bennett. So they get to spend time together playing and that was a wrap up to our week and nice way to end it since it had started with such bad/sad news.


Weekly Re-Cap: #1

I am still trying to figure out what exactly I want this blog to be. I have a general idea of content I WANT to create but I am just not quite there yet… and I may write a post on that soon too. However, I do know I want to use it as a diary of sorts, to remember how I was feeling during this time and where the family was at during a particular time. That is also the reason why I have began vlogging.. but I haven’t kept up with it. Bits and clips here and there but nothing daily or weekly. So, the way I look at it, even if I didn’t  film anything. I can a least have a verbal account of what happened that week. I will try and post these every Saturday.  I like the idea of a monthly re-cap, but I just don’t want to miss out on anything and with mom brain being REAL strong these days, that is bond to happen…

We will begin with the Sunday, although I wont go into too much detail since I will be writing a blog post on the day, but we celebrated Bennett’s Birthday Party.  We celebrated it later in the month, to give me some time to actually be mentally present to plan it, since Owen had just been born the month before.  It was a Curious George Theme and Bennett has an absolute blast!


Monday and Tuesday were probably the most trying two days I have had with Owen since he was born. The Saturday before Bennett’s birthday we ended up having to make an emergency trip to the doctors office, because we had been having issues with Owen projectile vomiting. He ended having to go to the hospital and get some blood work and testing done. Luckily, everything came back normal… but he was also given medicine and they had us switch to the very fancy expensive special formula. Fast forward to Monday and Tuesday. I spent my whole day holding Owen cause it was the only way I could get him to stop crying. He was screaming and crying in pain , the vomiting had stopped but now he was just miserable. I would like to add that although, it was exhausting and it was disappointing to not be able to get other stuff done. I amazingly was still sane, and a big part of that probably has to do with Bennett being very good and playing with all of his new toys.

So, after two days of torturous screaming I called the doctors office to see if I needed to come in or if we should just wait for our 2 month check-up. The advice nurse assumed it was just colic but had us come in that morning anyways. I should add, we had to rush to that appointment so everyone including myself were in PJ’s haha. I met with a nice young doctor, as our primary pediatrician is out on medical leave. I liked that she listened to my theory ( this all started once we switched formulas) and she agreed with me! I switched Owen’s formula when we got home back to out regular formula and so far no more screaming and crying in pain. Also, since giving him the anti-acid medicine no more projectile vomit too!


Later that day I also met with my doctor to get a copper IUD… because the shop is closed for babies, at least for another 2-3 years. Like I have a date marked in my calendar on my phone for when we can start trying again, if we want to. The fact that I got an IUD put in is a big step for me, because I have always been funny about birth control. I just have never liked the idea of messing with my horomones and also, remembering to take it. So the copper IUD was a nice option for me. After that appointment I met Andrew and a nearby park, where he was watching the boys.


It might sound silly, but I was super proud of Bennett at the park. He likes to run around the park and he will climb on the structures but doesn’t do much besides that. So it was fun to watch him climb around and go down a slide for the first time, on his OWN. He has never gone down without being on our laps or one of us pushing him down. So, that was a silly milestone moment for this mama.

Overall, nothing too exciting. I have been working out more, began to start a Keto diet. Not fully, but mostly. The main thing I am working on , is to only drink ONE coke a day. I had gotten myself down to 2-3 a day, so now it is just one and I am decreasing my sugar intake by a lot! I am a sweets LOVER so just slowly taking it at of my diet for now is key. I also purchase the sample shirts for my website. Which I hope to launch later this month (fingers crossed!) . Also, May 2nd marked 10 years since my Grandma T passed away; although I was able to keep myself pre-occupied for the day, I have realized I have some thoughts and feelings about her passing that I would love to share soon.

Andrew as per usual has been working non-stop. Even working today (Saturday). He has had two dinners with his boss this week, which is nice. I like it cause it means I don’t have to prepare dinner and he is currently in limbo with his job, as his boss is preparing to sell some of the company. So we are waiting to see if Andrew will be staying with his current boss, going to the new company or being laid off. I would personally be very shocked if it was the latter though.  Since we just got a new SUV earlier this month too, we are hoping he will be staying with his current boss.

As for the boys in general, they are both doing good. I am a little worried that Owen we will be told Owen might need a helmet at his 2 month appointment coming up, since one side is a little flat, but now that we have seemed to fix his stomach issues he is just a normal infant. eating, sleeping and pooping. And man does that kid poop. I never had this problem with Bennett. Bennett never had blowouts or porjectile poop. BUT OWEN. It’s like he waits for me to open his already dirty diaper to start pooping some more! He has also began to smile out of recognization and he really does have the sweetest most joyful smile for baby.

Also, no one warned me how emotional Bennett turning TWO would be for me. Cause now he really isn’t a baby anymore. He is a full fledged “all boy” toddler. The new haircut doesn’t help with my feelings either. I am constantly staring at him in awe and sadness that he is growing up and won’t always be a little boy. He also, gave me a great scare yesterday when he went over the side of our couch, head first into the hardwood floor. Somehow, he was fine though.. but my mama heart drop thinking about how much worse that fall could have been! I am also enjoying watching him play and sing to himself. He is still obsessed with cars and that is what he plays with the most but right now his favorite song to sing is Wheels on The Bus. He just sings the basic on the song ” wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round ,all through the town” but he has now added “shush,shush,shush” for the Mama’s on the bus part. Although, he doesn’t add the mama’s on the bus, he just makes the noises.

And that is it for our week. Most weeks we don’t have many exciting things going on. I spend most of my days in the house with the boys, trying to accomplish a task or two and running errands, but there are always small moments worth remembering.

Rental Home Reno. : Painting the House

Almost a year ago, Andrew, Bennett and I moved into the home we currently live in and it is a unique situation. The home we live in and rent currently is my first childhood home. It is the home my Dad and Mom bought together, that I came home in and learned to walk in. It is the home that my Dad moved into when my parents divorced and I spent a few days a week at and it’s the house that for almost a year I lived in with my ex-husband before we got divorced and that I lived in by myself coping with that divorce.

Living in the Bay Area, prices for homes and rent are pretty ridiculous, little over a year ago our little family of 3 lived in Mountain View,CA in a cute newly renovated Duplex, that we LOVED. However, once when our lease was up the owners decided to increase our rent. We were sad, but we were planned on renewing our lease, despite the fact that it would make us really tight on money. And then my Dad offered up this house; we weighed the pros and cons… Pro it was a house, Con is what an older home, Pro it has a huge backyard, Con we hate the city its located in, Pro the rent is waaayyy cheaper, etc and ultimately it just made sense for us to move there.

Even though it is my technically “my” home we are still renters which means we can’t just fix it up whenever and however we’d like. However, at the beginning of the year Andrew and I made a list of things we would like to improve with home and hopefully we would get approval to do said things. We do plan on living in this house for 3 more years and the first item on that list was to get the exterior of the home painted.

So over a month ago, we had mentioned this to my Dad and about a week ago he texted me to let me know to pick out colors. It was a little out of the blue and we were getting it all done in a few days time frame. So it was a little rushed and we didn’t get to buy samples to try out beforehand. I was going purely off of what I saw online. Which is difficult. This was also a miscommunication on my Dad’s part. He thought since we had asked about it, that we had already tested colors out.. but i digress.

You see, you have NO IDEA how excited I was for this project the color of our house prior to getting it painted was a faded yellow, with faded greenish blue shutters. and peeling white trim. On top of how the landscaping of our front yard, it was just kind of made us embarrassed to have people over….



For inspiration of course I looked on Pinterest. I knew I wanted a navy-ish exterior, true white trim, a colored door and with the shutters I wanted natural wood stained shutters.


So, unfortunately my idea of naturally stained wooden shutters…Which I would want to be the color of the door in the middle photo above; was nixed. AND my original options for a colored door (See below) were nixed.


For the exterior, Andrew and I debated between two colors from Sherwin Williams.. Naval and In the Navy. Since Andrew doesn’t really give too many opinions when it comes to this kind of stuff. We went with his pick of In the Navy.  The next day was paint day (just the exterior) and after he finished and we saw the final result.. we were a little shocked.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 13.23.56




Although, the photos don’t do full justice to the problem, the home was very BLUE. Not a navy color but BLUE and on top of that there was a mistake and the color was done in a gloss, so we had a very blue and shiny home.  So after a day of discussion we decided to switch to our original color choice of Naval and definitely NOT with any gloss or sheen.

After making the switch and seeing the final product we are both VERY happy with the final results. Every time I drive up to our home, I fall more and more in love with it. There are still a lot of things we need to do. Like the porch needs a new color, all the shutters need to go up, and we need to do landscaping in our front yard, but it never ceases to amaze me what a little fresh paint can do for a home.




8 Weeks Postpartum

We are at the 2 month mark since I gave birth to Owen and for the last 2 weeks, I haven’t made any real drastic changed besides doing 100 Squats and 100 Plie Squats almost every day. I also decided to do today’s progress photos without pants, so we can really start to see the progression and looking at those pictures is quite deflating. Not only because, i have to take the pictures with my forward facing camera, and the quality for some reason SUCKS, but also because pictures are HARSH. The way I feel and what I see in the mirror is much nicer than what the photos show me. but that is OKAY.  I try to remember that this body grew TWO babies and that in total was “18” months of my life where my body changed. So before I go into more detail, I will recap with the numbers, my 6 week photos and then my current photos


My 6 Week Photos…

and then my 8 week photos taken today.

It’s funny cause I look at these photos and SEE NO DIFFERENCE. But, i know that isn’t true. I know there is. However, I look at these photos and know that the past two weeks.. I didn’t work my hardest. Without saying much there were a lot of things that factor into that, but from no on I am going to be stepping my game up. I am adding real cardio back into my routine, which excites me since up until I was pregnant with Bennett I was doing 5-7 Miles a day and participating in 10K’s (was suppose to a half marathon 5 months pregnant with Bennett but that fell through). My diet will be getting switched up and I have decided to set some hard milestone goals for myself.  By 10 weeks I want to be 137, which means losing 5 pounds and by 12 weeks aka 3 months I want to be at my milestone weight of 132 AND by 6 months I want to be 115. Obviously, If if I don’t hit these goals that is OKAY, but it will at least give me something concrete to achieve every few weeks. See ya’ll with an update on May 17th!

Anxiety & Nobody Likes Me.

I relate to the title of Mindy Kaling’s first book SO Much (I’ll Link it down below, it’s a good read). I have anxiety. My whole life I have had it, but honestly probably didn’t truly realize I had anxiety until my early to mid – 20’s. Now, you might roll your eyes, cause everyone these days seems to have it… but I believe most people have anxiety to some degree. Mine for most of my life has been mild and has only been triggered massively I think twice in my life. 2008 and 2015. I won’t go into detail about those events now, but both those events lead to severe depression and the latter leading me to go on anxiety medication. Until I got pregnant. For the past two years my anxiety has been manageable and has not required medication, but I will say this past month I have been toying with the idea of going back on it.  BUT that isn’t what I want to discuss. I want to talk about my main trigger for my anxiety.

FOMO. The fear of missing out, The fear that nobody actually likes me and the fear of not actually fitting in, of not being understood, No one would miss me, when I die and pretty much everything else along those lines.

These are feelings I have had my whole life & something that has been a constant battle to cope with. A lot of the times anxiety is just your brain telling you lies, or overanalyzing and magnifying fears and situations… but what if it isn’t? What if the fact is, I am just very aware of the truth.                                                                                                            People do not like me. More specifically, people I thought were friends or at least close acquaintances ( cause realistically I know not everyone will like me). People are purposely not including me and the truth is I don’t fit in.  I have felt this my whole life. Honestly, I could write pages on instances, where i have experienced these feelings first hand.

You could say, well you shouldn’t care and that stuff doesn’t always matter.And yes, to an extent that is true. But being lonely hurts and it hurts me more cause I am people pleaser.  I go out of my way to try and make people feel special, to organize things, to take their pictures, to throw them parties, to attend special occasions, to celebrate achievements, to promote & support their newest passion or business endeavor. etc.  I try my best, to be a good friend… or at least the friend that I would want. However, no one has ever done that for me. No one has ever thrown me a surprise party, hell most people are too busy to even attend something, I have thrown myself. No one has taken a candid picture of me, no one helps promote my businesses, or blog posts, or youtube channel.  This is beginning to sound like a pity party & that isn’t the intent of this post.

My intent is more to get to the root of the issue. Because you can’t blame others. You need to be able to take a step back and work on yourself and ask why? Because  if this is a majority thing, then the problem isn’t them it is probably you or in this case ME. So what can I do to fix me, what is wrong with me that people I thought I knew do not care about me or want to make an effort to continue friendships with me? One of my solutions, as just been to stop trying so hard, to please others. But I also, don’t like that cause at the end of the day.. I don’t want others to feel the way I feel.  But I am stuck, how do i fix this issue?

Honestly, I could really go on and make this a massive therapy session, with dozens of examples. But that isn’t what I want and this is a great example about how anxiety works. In my normal day to day I am fine and happy and can go about my day with no problems, but than something triggers my anxiety and I spiral and I am forced to face hard truths that I just don’t know how to fix.

Besides being real & raw with you, the point of this post is a few things. 1) if you struggle with these feelings too, you are not alone. 2) if you have suggestions to overcome these feelings (besides the typical meds, therapy, yoga, excercise.. all of which do help) please let me know and 3) if anyone I personally, know reads this. Please tell me… why do you not actually like me?

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)