& Hello 2019

You know, I never really thought of myself has liking New Years. I just enjoyed it being another holiday and excuse to get dolled up and party. However, I was watching an instagram story by ArrowsandBow where she mentioned it is her favorite time of year, because she likes the feeling of a fresh start.

Some people are negative nancies. Cause yes, the fact is it’s just another day. We don’t actually get a re-start. But isn’t the concept nice? Isn’t that sense of renewal well refreshing? Cause even though I never really looked at much that way; the past 3 years I have and quite frankly, I really enjoy it. I enjoy getting new calendars (usually multiple) I enjoy getting planners and blank to-do lists and the feeling I get thinking this may be the year i become a real adult with my shit together and most of all I enjoy making my goals for the year to come.  I don’t do resolutions… although you could say they are the same thing and I don’t do vision boards (we did one year and although I like the concept, finding all the pictures you need can be tedious) So, I make a Checklist. Something I can hang on my little board over my desk and look at frequently to remind what I want to accomplish and what I already have accomplished and given last years worked pretty well for me, I am doing it again this year.

Although, I designed last years… I really designed this years! I drew the confetti sides and everything; which may be lame but gives me some pride and already goes into one of my goals for 2019 which is to design more.  Below is my personal list, which is also available as a Free Printable for anyone else who wants to use it!



Before I Turn 30 – A Bucket Lis

Today I am 29 Years old. Which means I and 365 days away from my 30th birthday.

Since 25, I have sort of dreaded every birthday. 29 being no exception, in fact even more so. I could never exactly pin down WHY i dreaded get closer to 30. Besides the standard.. I am getting Older, but although that does scare me in some ways… that was truly the root of WHY I felt that way.  Until earlier in the month when I finally figured out WHAT it was that bothered me about my 29th birthday and that fact that I am now closing in on 30.

I was sad and anxious about the fact that my life was not where I had hoped and pictured it would be by now.

That doesn’t mean, I don’t love the life I DO have at the moment, it just means I was hoping to have accomplished more and I know all the logical reasons why I am not there yet and I also, know the excuses too. However, after making this relevation about myself and discovering Rachel Hollis (review on her book to come) I decided to make a Bucket List of things I would like to accomplish by the time I turn 30.  This is not my lifetime bucket list (although, I should probably write that out too) and this is the 2018/2019 Goals List I made for myself and will make again in the new year. This is just a list of stuff I want to accomplish Before 30. I’m aware some are superficial, some are going to most likely NOT happen (Breast Reduction & Owning a Home) and some will be hard to obtain; while others can be enriching and empowering. As I accomplish these goals, I will cross items off the list; and I am sure Items will also be added to the list as I go.



2018 Goals

I’ll write a post tomorrow about reflecting on 2017 but today’s post I wanted to take about New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t really make any resolutions but more so a general list of things I would like to accomplish in the next year. Essentially, Goals.

Last year, I had Andrew and I make Inspiration Boards. Something, I have heard has great success. Almost like the secret, if you put it out in the world it will come back around to you. The only downside to doing the collage style inspiration board was 1 finding magazine’s that had images we wanted to use ( I mean magazines are quite pricey these days) and the other problem we faced was that our boards were medium -large size and when we moved in June, we didn’t have anywhere to store them.. so they kind of just got hidden behind things and to me that takes away their intention.  With that being said I thought I would share my board with you.


Some of these things were actually accomplished. We got a new kitchen table, a new couch. We got pregnant with baby #2, something we really wanted to happen, but weren’t sure it would. I worked out more, read a few more books than I had in 2016 (but no where near where I used to be) and I definitely cooked more and I notice as I type this out and look at the image above… some of these have also, made it into my 2018.

Instead of doing an inspiration board this year, I decided to make a 2018 Goals Checklist.  Something small (11 X 8) and that I could hang up and look at often to keep me on track and then I could physically see how much I have accomplished as I check them off. Hopefully, more than a handful. (PS. yes, I am aware of the typos)


As you can a lot of more goals are more materialistic, but a lot of those goals.. are expensive, but I need to accomplish professional goals I have on this list.  I also left a few blank spaces in case I think of goals I want to accomplish throughout the year.

If you like the idea of a 2018 Goals Checklist, I made some blank ones that you can print out yourself and add your own goals for 2018. If you end up using the checklist make sure to tag me in your photo on insta (@whatupkt_)