You’ve Been Boo’d 2018

It’s the first of October. Which means a lot of exciting things for me.. Fall, My Birthday, Halloween and activities related to all those things!  Since having kids, one of my favorite things is to get my Pinterest Mom, crafting on! If you are in this world already then you have probably already heard of getting “Boo’d” and if you are not… it’s a fun little activity for parents, kids, neighbors, etc. Like last year, I am participating again and want to share that with you!


This year I went a little “extra” and created felt treat bags (which are also for sale on my etsy shop) and I created my own instructions and signs that you can also print out and use!

In my bags I filled them with little inexpensive Halloween knicks knacks and treats and for the super little ones I found adorable Halloween themed sippy cups at Target. What’s also nice, is that you don’t have to go crazy or over the top either.

I would LOVE to see your Boo’d Treats! So please use the hashtag #alittlebitBOO if you particpate.

Gift Guide: For Your Newly Engaged Friend

Recently, one of my closest friends of over 20 years got engaged! She is engaged to the most wonderful man and I am just beyond happy for both of them. Obviously, buying gifts for someone who just got engaged is not mandatory, but every once in awhile its nice to support your friends milestones with a little something-something!

I’ll start of with what I got my friend to celebrate her engagement and then I’ll list other cute ideas too!


  1. Mr. & Mrs Ring Tray – buy here
  2. The Wedding Planner Checklist – buy here
  3. A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene – buy here
  4. The Card – Target
  5. The Bag – buy here 


Ring Trays –

Are a nice small and simple gift to give some one who has just gotten engaged, because now they have an extra special ring that they definitely do not want to lose. They also are can be very affordable.

A Wedding Planner & Checklist-

This is one I would probably only buy if you know the couple pretty well, are in their “inner circle” as some might say. There are so many great options to choose from out their nowadays, but I chose this one cause it’s on the smaller side. Making it very handy and not take up too much space. Plus, I felt it fit my friends personality.

A Wedding Planning Book or Magazine –

The book I picked interested me, because I felt it fit for my friend who is quite practical. I will say it is more book like than I anticipated. I was expecting something to be more like a cute guide with lots of ideas and photos. It does have that just formatted differently. Also, magazines are a great idea too. I just didn’t do that since a lot of magazines are marketed towards the area you live in and we do not live in the same state.

Some Bubbly-

Unless your friends don’t drink, you can’t go wrong with some celebratory champagne. If you don’t know the kind they like.. I recommend Veuve Clicquot, La Marca Prosecco or not champagne but very much on trend at the moment Gerard Bertrandt Cote de Roses.

A Mug-

I’m sure you have seen the mugs all over Pinterest and for sale on Etsy usually pointing towards the handle where the new engagement ring will be. Super cute and if you are crafty, super simple to make as well.

A Graphic Tee-

I love a cheesy Graphic tee. I mean I did start a website for them (here) but all of the place you can find a t-shirt with “soon to be mrs.” “Wifey” etc. and really I guess I should get in on this market and make some tee’s for my website. lol

Send a Greetbl-

These have recently become a small obsession of mine. You get to pick a box design, some personal photos, a personalized message and then a little gift, and they send it out for you! They have small gifts that work for every occasion (& gender) … including ring trays lol but they are a perfect little pick me up to celebrate the occasion and let your friend know you are happy for them. Also.. you can click this link and get a 15% off code for your purchase.


You also, always go the old fashioned route and send some flowers. I am personally a fan of  Farm Girl Flowers. They do send nationwide, but obviously there are many ways to send flowers out.

Overall, there are many other options of gifts you could send, but I find a lot of other gifts are more suitable for a bridal shower or wedding present. A gift for getting engaged should just be small and simple. Something that says “YAY! I Am So Happy For You!”




**this post contains affiliate links, thank you**

Baby Shower Buys: My Best Friends Baby Shower

If you are looking for Baby Shower gift ideas, or just like seeing what other people have bought.. this post might interest you. I also, have a few similar videos on our Youtube Channel.

Recently, I went to my best friends, baby shower. She is my first best friend that is having a baby & like a sister to me (I’m an only child). So, needless to say I am beyond ecstatic for her and may have gone a little overboard. She is having a boy, so naturally she has already gotten a plethora of hand me downs, and a bunch of burp cloths from my Etsy Shop. For her baby shower, I wanted to give her a wide variety of gifts, to make sure she had stuff she needed.

I started off with the essential baby shower gift items, I strongly feel these should always be included in a baby shower gift. Diapers & Wipes.

I got her a box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes & then I got Pampers Swaddlers Diapers in Size 2 & 3. I got the bigger sizes, since I think those are the most overlooked sizes (NB & 1) being what is usually bought & i bought the smaller bag versions, instead of the box. If you a looking to not spend a fortune of diapers at a baby shower, the bags are perfect at a little less than $10.

Next up, is the item I got for her in the bag. Which was an item on her registry, a Boppy.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 17.41.17

Not only was it on her registry, but I absolutely LOVED my Boppy. It is a great nursing pillow and for some reason I just found it super comforting to have with me while recovering in the hospital.  On top of the bag was also this cute little Elephant Carseat Toy from the Manhattan Toy Company (bought it at Target) but cannot find an image of it.  After that we move on to the box, which i filled with an array of items.

  • Dreft Stage 1 Laundry Detergent – Not a common gift, or commonly put on the registry, but definitely an item any new parents would need & can be an expense that adds up quickly. ($13-$20)
  • Bath and Body Works Poketbac Hand Santizers (not the ones pictured) – I was not a huge into sanitizing prior to baby, but once you are taking your small newborn out into the real world.. it is nice to have these on hand. Plus the smell nice too.
  • Lansinoh Nipple Cream – This was an item on her registry & something I now wish I had put on my registry for Baby #1. Cause Breastfeeding at first can HURT.
  • Mommy’s Bliss Nighttime Gripe Water – This was an item I told her to put on her registry and of course, ended up getting for her. I contribute nighttime gripe water to the reason our son slept through the night from 2 months onward.
  • Aden & Anais Swaddles (not the ones pictured)
  • Burt’s Bee’s Memory Keepsake Box – For $20 this gift is really a steal you get, Diaper Rash Cream (which personally, I think theirs is THE best), Shampoo, Lotion and Tiny Soap.
  • Burt’s Bee’s Blue Receiving Blanket
  • Giggle All Purpose Wonder Balm
  • Fisher-Price Coffee Cup Teether
  • If Animals Kissed Goodnight Board Book
  • Carter’s One Made for You Elephant 3 Piece Outfit

Most of these items I bought at Target, with the exception of it of a few.