Uncommon & Unique Girl Name Beginning with “B”

See: Girls A, Boys B and Boys A.


20 Uncommon & Unique Boy Names Beginning with A

Last week, a friend of mine on Facebook asked for baby boy name suggestions, as they are having a boy very soon and have yet to fins a name they like. I quickly messaged her and asked her a series of questions to determine the styles of names they were looking for and then I made her a list of 40 names. Whether they end using a name from list, we will see.. but what I do know is I enjoyed making that list. You see, I have always had a fascination with names and their meaning and origins. I am odd like that, always being interested in random subjects and interests. After making that list I thought to myself… could I have this as a job? haha and although, I don’t know if baby list name making for those expecting can actually be a job… I figured.. Hey! why don’t I make it a series on blog?! So today, I present to you 20 Uncommon and/or Unique Baby Boys Names Beginning with the letter A.






And those are the 20 names! What name is your favorite?! Do you have a child with any of these names? Were you maybe inspired to use one of these names? Let me know in the comments down below! Coming soon will be 20 Uncommon/Unique Baby Names for Girls Beginning with A.

Owen’s Birth Story

If you have read Bennett’s Birth Story (here) or watched the birth vlog (here) than you know that it was classified as a traumatic birth. Although, i personally don’t feel that way… it was. Which meant that with my pregnancy with Owen we had to have more of a plan.

After my 36 week appointment it looked like Owen would be an 8lb baby. Considering that and other factors we formed a plan. I was a good candidate for a VBAC, but we scheduled a C-Section for his due date (March 13th) just in case, I didn’t go into labor. We really wanted to avoid a c-section since we plan and hope to have more kids down the road. By my 37 week appointment I was 2CM, which we were hoping was a good sign, that labor would start soon, by my 38 week appointment I was 3CM. At this point I started doing labor inducing wives tales, then at my 39 week appointment I was STILL only 3CM. We were getting closer to the scheduled c-section date, so my doctor proposed that we induce me. Since I was already 3CM; it should go relatively quick. Andrew and I left the appointment on the schedule to be induced that night, which meant we probably wouldn’t actually be called in until the next day. We were in complete shock.

We called our family members to let them know and we went about our day getting ready to have a baby! On March 8th around 8:30 in the morning I got a call from the hospital letting me know they were ready for us to come in. Around 10AM we arrived at the hospital and were settled into our room.


I wasn’t immediately put on pitocin, but my doctor came in and broke my water to naturally jumpstart labor. This was a lot more uncomfortable than I had anticipated. But that is because with Bennett’s birth, I had come into the hospital already in labor and they had offered me medication right away, so I was pretty drugged up for a lot of the labor process. This time around I wanted to go through my labor as long as I could without drugs/an epidural. About an hour after my water was broken contractions started picking up, becoming regular. A little uncomfortable every now or then but nothing crazy.

After awhile I still wasn’t progressing and the contractions started to die down. So they hooked me up to some pitocin and had me walk around the maternity wing and after awhile I was just walking in a figuring eight around the room. However, they were a little concerned (but not too much) that Owen’s Heart Rate would drop everytime I had a contraction. Even after all of this I was STILL not progressing.

At this point it was midday and I was not progressing, the babies heartrate would drop every so often with a contraction and I was just expecting that we would call it quits and have to have c-section. My doctor came in to check on me and said he would suspect we would have a baby within 4 hours. Which honestly, I thought he was crazy. The nurses came in to let me know I was free to have an epidural whenever I wanted as the anesthesiologist was currently not busy. I wanted to wait a little longer as the contractions weren’t unbearable yet. Welp, about 30 minutes after that the contractions came on STRONG and QUICK. It was miserable. To top that off, between those 30 minutes the anesthesiologist ended up being with another patient and I had to wait about an hour! Inside my head I was kicking myself, thinking this horrible, why do people do this. I want all the meds again next time.. i should of just had the c-section, since it seems like thats what is going to happen anyways…

Eventually, the anesthesiologist arrived and bless her heart. She was SUPER sweet and very chatty, but in that moment I didn’t wanted to talk to her. Again, I was mentally having a panic attack about the fact that, last time I had had an epidural, I was heavily medicated. I couldn’t feel anything, but this time I wasn’t medicated. I had no medication was beginning active labor. I would have to sit very STILL while going through intense contractions and having a giant needle that kind of stings in my back. Luckily, my nurse was AMAZING and calming talked me through the process and although uncomfortable it ended up being manageable. They then did my vitals and found I was tachycardic. Which then led to me having to have a an EKG! It all came back okay, but definitely added to my thoughts that we would end up needing a c-section; it also didn’t help that they checked me and I was STILL only 4CM. After all that, after roughly 8 hours & painful contractions I was only 4 CM!!!

But here’s where things start to pick up a little quickly.
After checking me at 4 cm she had me move into a position on my side using a peanut ball. Owen’s heart rate dropped, so she moved me to another position. I was in that position for maybe 30 minutes when all of a sudden Owen’s heart rate REALLY dropped. I remember Andrew and I looking at each other and thinking this is it, they are going to rush us into ER for an emergency c-section. The nurse came in and put me on oxygen. At this point I could tell Andrew was truly nervous. She decided to check me. I had heard an “oh!” and I remember i could kind of feel a wet tacky sensation, so I really thought, my fear of pooping had happened, but it turned out it was a blood clot and that within an hour I had gone from 4 to 10!


So, we began the pushing process. No at this point I was excited but because I had gotten to this point with Bennett I really didn’t think we would be having the baby this way. Eventually, it was time to call my doctor. Nurses came in prepped the room for delivery and since my doctor was home and I was pretty close to giving birth, there was about 15 minutes of waiting around, where I didn’t even need to push, and we just waited. Once my doctor arrived I would say it was about 6-9 Pushes and Owen was born! The nurse old me to look and all of a sudden there was this little baby being held in front of me. I was in complete shock. I had just given birth! I had a successful VBAC! As they laid him down on me, he was screaming he was just contently breathing on me and all I could think was “you are definitely NOT 8 pounds”.

The experience was so surreal. The nurses were cleaning Owen, while he was on me. Andrew got to cut the cord this time and then they just let us have an hour with Owen. Which was nice and Owen was so comfy that he had his first poop on me too. haha Owen’s birth was flipped with Bennett’s. With Bennett the labor was so smooth and easy and the birth part was super dramatic. With Owen the Labor was dramatic and the birth part was SO easy. Really it was stupidly easy. Almost two months later and I still cannot believe I had a successful VBAC, but I do have this sense of accomplishment. I am woman here me roar, ya know? Also, I feel bad for Andrew cause the nurse made him look down there… several times!!! Just like Bennett’s birth, we vlogged it and you can view it here. Sorry for the lack of dramatic emotional music.

The Boyfriend Book Club

A week late, what a surprise!

But I would like to introduce you to something. Andrew and I call The Boyfriend Book Club. Although.. he is in fact my Fiance now. Andrew and I started this in Jan. 2016. When I was pregnant with Bennett and actually in the hospital. Our first book was The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel and our plan was that every month we would pick a new book and read it together.  And every year we have failed. 2016 we got into February and then stopped, 2017 it was April.  A lot of that was because I had originally planned that we alternate months of who picked a book out, but although Andrew enjoys reading.. he isn’t a former book blogger. Therefore, he doesn’t keep up with what books to read, what is being released.. etc. and we would always leave it to the end to pick a book and then just end up not buying them. Even though we have failed at it. Andrew and I enjoyed doing it. We enjoyed the bonding of every night sitting next to each other in bed, reading the same pages and discussing what we had read after.

So, in 2018 we have come up with what I hope to be a better system. This year… I am picking the books and i am buying them mid-month, so they are ready for us to begin the first of each month. I have already made my list up until September I believe, leaving room for new releases and recommendations.

And here is our January 2018 Pick:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.40.57

 My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday StoriesProbably, a better pick for December.. But i saw this while ordering Christmas gifts and i saw all these amazing authors, that I LOVE. So… it became our January pick. Now that I have rambled on about the origin story of our little book club. I would like to invite you to join! First, let me start by saying that you DO NOT have to have a boyfriend to join in. You can be single, have a fiance, husband, wife, girlfriend… whatever. It is just a catchy name. Second, if you want to use this as inspiration but don’t want to follow along with our book choices that is fine too.Third, the way we read, is that we divide the total amount of pages in the book by the days in the month. This usually averages about 12 pages a night. That way it’s easier if one or both of your are not as strong of readers. Andrew enjoys reading, but doesn’t have a strong attention span. So this works best for us. However, read at what pace works best for YOU.At the end of the month / beginning of the next month, we will both share our review and thoughts of the book. We would LOVE to hear your thoughts and opinions too and we would love that if you decide to join in that you follow us on Instagram @whatupKT_ and @andrewbiscardi and that you use the #theboyfriendbookclub. 

*the links provided for the books are affiliate links

Re-Cap of 2017

I wanted to make a post on this on New Years Eve.

However, Bennett ended up getting Hand, Foot and Mouth =( Which resulted in my attention and energy being fully devoted to him feeling better and comfortable. He is better now and honestly, for how bad it can be he handled it like a champ.

So, 2017 started out rough for us. More so, Andrew but overall as a family it was ROUGH. A weeks before Christmas Andrew’s Grandma passed away. He funeral was scheduled within the first few days of the new year. We had actually spent the the last few days of 2016 in Idaho visiting my Mom. For being such a sad time in our lives. We actually had a great time. Boise had an extremely snowy season and Andrew had never been to or in the snow. (a first he shared with Bennett). We spent our NYE in front of the capital of Boise. Watching them drop a giant potato. Which was an experience to say the least. It was 12-14 degrees but according to the weather app… feels like zero. BUT we did it. It was also, our first NYE that I wasn’t pregnant and that Andrew didn’t fall asleep before midnight.  ANYWAYS, the next day we were scheduled to drive back to California. We spent New Years Day driving home in not ONE but several blizzards. Let me tell you.. that is an experience! In my tiny Kia, with Californians who have never driven in a blizzard and an almost 9 month old. After being delayed a night due to the Sierra’s being closed and having to stay in Reno. We eventually made it home to attend funeral services, the following day.

The next few months were kind of rough for us. It just seemed that everytime we would get our heads afloat, we would be hit with something else. Although, not all bad. It just felt bad. THEN, in May we discovered that the duplex we lived in which we LOVED and had only been living in for 6 months; was raising our rent. BY A LOT. We felt like 2017 was just not going to be our year. We ended up moving back to our hometown. 20 minutes from where we had lived and into my old childhood home. Not something ideally we wanted but made sense for us at the time.

During all of this Andrew and I had been trying to get pregnant. We had reached our year mark of trying and began looking into talking to a fertility specialist and using apps for ovulation. Every month I wasn’t pregnant, was a sad and crushing blow. BUT as you know, in July I would finally get a positive pregnancy test and I would say around then is when our year turned around!

From there, we just didn’t seem to have any bumps (i’m sure we did, but none that were significant enough to bring us down) Bennett went from barely walking, to couldn’t be stopped. He developed an obsession with collecting leaves on walks and playing with Cars. We found out the gender of Baby #2. A Boy. and settled on a name Owen. Bennett had his first Halloween where he could actively participate and had a blast. He was cute little wolf (although, he didn’t wear his ears) and man oh man did that kid eat a TON of candy.

In November my best friend had her baby and Bennett wasn’t a fan of us giving attention to the baby. But was very sweet and affectionate towards him. I’m sure that will change when he realizes the one in my belly is coming home with us. Thanksgiving was fun and Andrew got to go to Cabo! December was all about Christmas shopping, our Christmas party and making sure Bennett didn’t break any ornaments on the tree. Haha Luckily, no ornaments were broken although one present was prematurely opened. Christmas was quite magical. It was the first one that Bennett understood opening presents and I can’t wait until next year, when the concept of Santa is understood.

Of course, as mentioned before we rang in the New Year with a sick toddler. BUT we also, didn’t have any other plans, as this is our 2nd out of 3 New Years together that I was pregnant. So we stayed in, made sure our little one was comfy. Enjoyed each others company, played some Monopoly DEAL (which we got as a Christmas Gift) and we watched the ball drop and kissed at midnight.  Minus our sleeping but sick child. It was actually a nice NYE. It was nice knowing we weren’t going into 2018 with sadness, but the excitement that VERY soon we will be having Baby Owen and just that the positive possibilities feel endless! So, here were are 8 days into 2018 and so far.. (knock on wood) so good.


What is in a Name?

As you may know by now… Baby #2 is another Boy.

For some reason Andrew and I REALLY struggled with coming up with Baby boy names we BOTH liked. Girls names we have on lock. We have about a list of 5 names we love, but boys names was harder. I personally have a LONG list of baby boy names I liked, but Andrew was harder to convince. He would flip flop on names, one day liking them, the next not and back and forth that would go.  We finally narrowed our list down to 3 names.

Henry, Leopold (Leo for Short) and Owen.

My criteria for first names is a few things.. besides liking how it sounds and it just feeling right. I like names that aren’t super popular but are not uncommon and I like names with a good meaning. For instance I we liked the name Emerson, but the meaning of that name is literally Emery’s Son.

We also use 2 middle names. This is something I started and Andrew just has to go a long with it. I like middle names to honor family members, past and present and 2 middle names means more sides of the family get to be represented.  For us, Baby #2’s middle names had already been picked out. So, the first name also had to go well with his 2 middle names.

After narrowing it down to those 3 names, one really just stood out and stuck and before we knew it, that is what we had started calling him. Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 13.18.13



Young Warrior, Well Born, Noble








Free One


The first middle name was picked was obvious-ish reason Andrew, after his Dad and also, Andrew is named after his Great Grandfather. There was actually some debate about the Andrew being the middle name. Andrew really wanted to have Baby #2 be Andrew Jr. However, I am not a fan of the using Jr. and but my compromise is we could of done the 2nd, but it really would have been a moot point cause he would go by whatever his middle name would have been.. SO, we should just put it as a middle name. The other part of that is why we didn’t just use Andrew’s middle name as the babies middle name as well, as most people do. and that is because Andrew’s middle name is Thomas and Thomas is My last name. Which is also Bennett’s last name and would be Owen’s hyphenated last name. So it seemed like we would be going overboard if we did that.

The second middle name is Frank. Which I think is the middle name that throws most people off. But it is the one with the most meaning as it represents several people in my family. Honestly, this name most likely pops up A LOT in my family tree and even in Andrew’s, but the specific people Frank was picked after are my great uncles Frank Bumb and Frank Thomas. Both my grandfather’s brothers. My Grandpa Bumb’s dad (my great-grandfather) his name was Franz in Germany, but changed to Frank when he arrived in America and it is also my Great Great Grandpa Thomas’ name.

So, as you can see..I put a lot of thought and meaning into the names.

What is the meaning behind your name? and if you have children; why did you choose their names?