I’ve Become a Pin Collector.

I collect pins now. Something, I never thought I would do.

Well….. sort of…. you see I have always collected Pins from the Disney Parks.


I was about 8 years old when I got my first pin and pin collecting was just starting to really take off . ( I did not know that at the time) The first pin, I ever got was Winnie the Pooh with a baseball mitt and baseball and/or softball. That specific trip I added quite a few gems from my collection and that next year would discover that pin collecting and trading had become HUGE.  I personally never traded pins, but would bombarded by greedy adults looking at my lanyard, asking for trades.  It was a time. I remember Disneyland having specific pin trading spots and special pin launches that would see INSANE lines.  I always collected pins because I found the art of them pretty and I choose my pins as whatever “called to me” or marked the a special occasion. Now my Disney Park collecting has really halted. I no longer am a little kid who would go frequently with her parents or an early 20’s woman living 30 minutes away from the park with an annual pass. I now live 6 hours away with two toddlers and a fiance who likes Disneyland but does LOVE it they way I do. So they way I collect has changed. Now when we go, we each get a pin with the year. I pick a Personal Pin for myself, Andrew and I pick out a pin for each other and we pick out a pin we feel represents each of the boys. (When they get older they can pick a pin of their own choosing as well. And these pins are on canvases that we have in our rooms. Each pin carrying a moment in time for me.

I never was really interested in enamel pins outside of that.

The past couple of years, I had noticed enamel pins of all sorts coming back into style. One of Andrew’s sisters would ask for any kind for birthdays and Christmas. I started seeing accounts I followed on Instagram making them and I thought… well I could do that.. I could design them. (which I may say designing and getting them manufactured in another post)

So, I designed my first pin.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 15.00.33

The moment this pin arrived, I was in shock. I designed that and it looked SO good! and Not only did it look amazing and not only did I feel insanely proud.  It SOLD OUT within a week and a half of listing. With that , I started designing more pins and currently have 5 manufactured pins, 1 of those is sold out and I have another currently in production. And a handful of designed and available for preorder. Check them out here.. Boltinabottle and/or Bolt In A Bottle Etsy.

Even then I wasn’t interested in collecting pins. However, as I began this journey I started getting more into the “field” following fellow designers and not only liking their designs but realizing if I want to succeed, I need to support fellow Pin Designers. It’s started fairly casual. I bought a twos pins, each from designers who would inspired my start and then I became addicted. After only a month…. I have acquired 8 pins. That is not including 5 that are my own designs, 2 that were gifted to me, the 3 I bought for Andrew and 4 that I just bought and will hopefully be shipping soon. I even bought a cheap backpack off of Amazon to display my pins.


It’s a hobby that I guess I always casually had but has now took on a new role as well. I look forward to sharing my pins collection in more depth with you soon =)


Wait, was my last blog post really in January?!

New year… new me… more content I promise guys… that post?

Wow it’s already March! And Owen turns 1 tomorrow! And I haven’t posted ANYTHING?! YIKES!

This happens though. I think of a lot of great content and don’t finish it or don’t even start it. and You have heard all of the cliche (but true things) between lack of motivation at times, to anxiety to not having time cause TWO little boys.

and while all of that is true and all of that plays into it. My primary focus has been instagram (@alittlebit_kt, @boltinabottle_etsy and @boltinabottle) and marketing on there. As well as working on my business! I have been making enamel pins (here) and it has been doing SUPER well! To top that off, I started doing custom illustrations (here) and that is doing REALLY well too! So all my time as been dedicated to THAT and promoting THAT and I kind of let blogging slide…

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 16.47.02
Currently the 4 pins I sell. More to come designs to come and almost all of these are close to selling out! 

In other exciting news I have also FINALLY officially begun planning our wedding! Which is an experience I guess I could totally blog about as well! So really tons of content should be coming your way guys.

10 Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is right around the corner & honestly, although Mom’s probably deserve a day dedicated to celebrating them at least once a month. May 13th is that day this year. So if you are a Dad, a child or have a mama friend celebrating this day and you need some ideas for some cute and not going to break the bank gifts.. I’ve got you covered.

Number One:

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 12.47.48

Both of these T-shirts from Rad & Happy are worth getting as a Mother’s Day gift or if you are like me treating yourself, so that you can wear it on Mother’s Day. Tara from Rad & Happy has a lot of other cute merchandise as well. & maybe, I am being a bit over the top, but she is a huge inspiration to me. So, supporting her brand is quite easy!

Buy Here



Number Two:


For an older child this is the perfect gift and the price is UNBEATABLE under $5. This book sets up prompts for you to fill out about why you love your mom. It will for sure make her smile and maybe even bring a few tears to her eyes

Buy Here: I Love You Mom

Number Three:

Not much of a writer or have younger kids who can’t yet write but can definitely tell you have they feel about their Mom. Than this gift is the one for you! Has all the sentiment while being minimalistic as well.

Buy Here: Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Fill In The Love Journal

Number Four:


This coffee has it all and is especially perfect for a mom to be or expecting mama again, who loves coffee and just isn’t sure how see will go about her days cutting her coffee intake.

Buy Here:Mommee Coffee – Quarter Caf, Low Acid Coffee | Ground, Organic | Fair Trade, Water Processed – 12oz.



Number Five:


In love with this cute MAMA tote by Grins and Grace, perfect for the Mom on the go, who loves a good farmer’s market or just always has a lot to carry.

Buy Here



Number Six


Another gift idea from Grins and Grace are their shirts. It was honestly hard to pick which one to feature. They are all great, mom-centric, empowering and stylish shirts.

Buy Here



Number Seven:


A 5 year daily journal with prompts for moms. This great for the mom who loves to keep memories. Everyday there is a question you can answer and as the years go by you can see what your answer was for the year(s) before and how much has or hasn’t changed.

Buy Here: Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal

Number Seven:


You have to love Etsy, I found these simple circular necklaces on a shop called DistinctlyIvy I love that its just an an initial and the birthdate. Although the shop offers a whole bunch of similar options.

Buy Here

Number Eight


If you don’t mind some swearing, than this glass mug lets everyone know that your mom is indeed the best mom on the block.

Buy Here

Number Nine

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 17.38.00

Now I will say right now this is the most expensive and not as affordable item on this list. BUT it is super personalized and sentimental. Plus the ordering process is very simple. Any mama would love silhouettes of their children and Dapper & Darling does it in such beautiful way.

Buy Here



Number Ten

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 18.54.18

Most moms want to relax and be pampered on mother’s day so this Beauty Box from Target is the perfect way to do just that without breaking the bank.

Buy Here


Hope these suggestions helped some of ya out and I hope that you all have a great mother’s day!


**This post has Amazon Affiliate links but is not a paid AD for any of these products. These are products and companies I have found on my own and wanted to share.**

Changes coming for my Business

For those who don’t know in late 2016/ early 2017, I started an Etsy Shop called Bolt in a Bottle Designs.. Since then a lot has changed and here is my statement regarding all of that…


“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”

-Terry PratchettA Hat Full of Sky

In January I announced that changes would be coming to the Bolt In a Bottle Brand. Between that time I have welcomed a beautiful baby boy & have been plotting where I want this brand to go & how to achieve it.

I am a person with a lot of goals & interests. Sometimes TOO many & not all of them mesh well together.  When I began Bolt in the Bottle, it was just an Etsy shop for burp cloths I made, then digital invites, and other baby related products. It was something that I could easily do at home while taking care of Bennett. Although, i still LOVE those things. But now with a very active toddler AND a newborn those things are not as easy for me to work on at home anymore. BUT also, I want the Bolt in a Bottle Brand to be original content that i have designed solely on my own.

As I work towards that goal, I have decided to split the brands. Bolt in a Bottle dedicated to my original content and my Etsy shop that will have digital invites on it; as well as some handmade crafts occasionally.  I also, intend on beginning a Disney inspired Brand as well in the near future. I am just still trying to figure out a name for it though.

With that being said, the Original content that I would like to be on Bolt in the Bottle is still in the process of being developed but hopefully within the next few months, I will have items made and ready for purchase. Until then please feel free to purchase items from my Etsy Shop & follow both brands on instagram =)


Instagram: @boltinabottle and @boltinabottle_etsy

Announcing Bolt In A Bottle Tees

Since the beginning of the year I have been running my own Etsy Shop, Bolt In A Bottle Designs. I mainly sold handmade burp cloths, baby leggings and digital print invitations. Since becoming pregnant the shop has been on hiatus; because it takes a lot of time to manage and this pregnancy mixed with a toddler took A LOT of energy away from me. Energy required to run & promote a successful shop.

However, before I knew I was pregnant… I was in the middle of getting ready to launch a tee shirt line on the shop. I was working on designs and overall, just super excited for the project. So now that I am out of the woods, with 1st trimester pregnancy woes. I am ready to start the project back up.  Yet, not ready to open my Etsy Shop back up. I decided to sell Bolt in a Bottle Tees on Teespring. That way they can handle production and inventory, and I can handle design and promotion. It’s a Win Win.

Currently, the shop only has a handful of designs available, but as the month goes on more and more designs will be added.