Locals Only: Beer-Thirty


For Father’s Day, as part of Andrew’s day we tried a new place called Beer Thirty in Soquel,CA which is you are not too familiar with California/The Bay Area that small town near Santa Cruz. Andrew is really into trying new beers, so when I discovered this place (thank you Instagram) I knew we had to go try it out and what was great is that it’s kid friendly! (It’s also, dog friendly).

Now the thing with popular trendy places, that get a lot of hype through instagram and other social media influencing is that I tend to get really excited and then really let down. BUT BEER THIRTY DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

It is advertised as a pour house (which it is) but it is also a beer garden. I did a quick read through on yelp, so I had an idea of what to expect but my expectations were met and then some. Beer Thirty is essentially… 2 buildings and then an open space filled with family style picnic seating and then separated into 2 areas one for families and one 21 and over.  The two building are essentially Beer and food.


I will start with the big draw.. the beer.  I am actually allergic to beer so I get hard cider when we go to places like this, but they offer 30 mostly California brewed beers on tap and then they have hundreds (maybe thats an exaggeration) of beers in cans and bottles to choose from.  Andrew ordered North Coast Old Rasputin and Corralitos Wease Da Joo-Oos and I had the Golden Stare Newton Pippin. I enjoyed the cider, but it wasn’t anything special and Andrew’s favorite of the 2 beers for the Corralitos.  I like that they let you do tastings and beer flights as well.

The other tiny building has like hipster pub food you can order; but it’s a small selection. So, pro tip: you can bring your own food in to enjoy while you are there too. Just not your own drinks. I got myself a bacon grilled cheese which was DELISH and some fries. Which for a picky eater like me, was the only thing really on the menu that appealed to me.

We spent the rest of our time there just sitting and talking, Bennett was running around making fast friends with other toddlers his age and honestly the vibe is just super relaxing and chill. Most definitely something we enjoyed, we were already planning when we would be back and who we had to take with us.  If you are ever in the area and you like beer; go check it out!



Changes coming for my Business

For those who don’t know in late 2016/ early 2017, I started an Etsy Shop called Bolt in a Bottle Designs.. Since then a lot has changed and here is my statement regarding all of that…


“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”

-Terry PratchettA Hat Full of Sky

In January I announced that changes would be coming to the Bolt In a Bottle Brand. Between that time I have welcomed a beautiful baby boy & have been plotting where I want this brand to go & how to achieve it.

I am a person with a lot of goals & interests. Sometimes TOO many & not all of them mesh well together.  When I began Bolt in the Bottle, it was just an Etsy shop for burp cloths I made, then digital invites, and other baby related products. It was something that I could easily do at home while taking care of Bennett. Although, i still LOVE those things. But now with a very active toddler AND a newborn those things are not as easy for me to work on at home anymore. BUT also, I want the Bolt in a Bottle Brand to be original content that i have designed solely on my own.

As I work towards that goal, I have decided to split the brands. Bolt in a Bottle dedicated to my original content and my Etsy shop that will have digital invites on it; as well as some handmade crafts occasionally.  I also, intend on beginning a Disney inspired Brand as well in the near future. I am just still trying to figure out a name for it though.

With that being said, the Original content that I would like to be on Bolt in the Bottle is still in the process of being developed but hopefully within the next few months, I will have items made and ready for purchase. Until then please feel free to purchase items from my Etsy Shop & follow both brands on instagram =)


Instagram: @boltinabottle and @boltinabottle_etsy