Weekly Shoutout: Alittleboutalot

Before I get into this small post, today I was suppose to write a post on Bennett’s Birth Story and I was going to post this on Saturday’s and make this a Saturday Post, but instead of double posting tomorrow. I will post this today and Bennett’s Birth Story tomorrow.

With that being said.. lets talk about the weekly shoutout. Every Saturday I want to shoutout another, Youtuber, Blogger, Instagrammer, etc. whose content I have been enjoying and think you should go check out and give some loving to. Often in this line of work we are so focused on our own SEO that we don’t think about spreading the love to others. A LOT of these creators are bigger than me and don’t really need my word of mouth.. However, I may turn a few of you on to somebody you never knew existed before. The internet is a big place!

My first Weekly Spotlight goes to a Youtuber named Jeannie, who runs a channel called alittleaboutalot. I was recently introduced to her channel, by another favorite Youtuber of mine, BitsandClips.

Her most recent video had me saying “YES!”

So, head over to her channel, subscribe, follow her on instagram (@alittleaboutalot) and let her know A Little Bit Biscardi sent ya ❤