How Do You Find Time?

No Seriously, this is mainly directed to the mama’s out there.. specifically stay at home moms who don’t use childcare… but how do you find time in the day to get anything done? With to little ones on different schedules, I find it hard to get anything done during the day.  I wake up every morning with big plans and great intentions but most of my day look is planned around a time with they hopefully both nap and whatever errand we have to run that day and than filled in between with play time, diaper changes and feedings and by the time the day ends I have found i haven’t accomplished much else.

I want our days to be filled with meaningful entertainment and activities for the kids, my house work getting done and being organized, exercise, getting blogs posts done, uploading youtube videos and getting my personal work done as well and maybe reading a few pages of a book.

My biggest struggle I find is that Bennett is at an age where I can’t really leave him alone in a room , cause he now not only climbs on everything but gets into EVERYTHING no matter how childproof  I make it and our home is small. So we don’t have a dedicated play room, where i can throw him in and not worry about anything happening. Owen is 3 months old so my ability to do stuff his based on his attitude and his schedule. AND even if I get a miracle of them napping at the same time, i usually just want to have ME time and once Andrew gets home, I just want to have time with him ( he works 6 days a week… so the few hours a day we get together mean a lot)

I had started a plan to wake up at 6-6:30 AM and go running before the kids wake up. That way Andrew is still home with them. BUT I find myself wanting to sleep in if Owen woke up at 5AM or a few times during the night. I like my sleep and I am a night owl. So today I decided to start a new plan. Instead of going back to bed after taking care of Owen in the morning. I am going to wake up and start my day. That means I may wake up at 3AM or at 6AM and anywhere in between. BUT I will NOT go back to bed. I will wake up and start working, clean whatever needs to be cleaned or organized and workout/go for a run.  Now.. sleep is important but I can either nap when the kids nap or if I have to get up super early go back to bed before the kids wake up.

SO Mama’s i need to know HOW DO YOU DO IT?!  I know it is possible. I know it can be done… but How do you find the time?!  My plan my be crazy and I may fail at it.. but I have to TRY something new, cause the current system I have isn’t working.





Rental Home Reno. : Painting the House

Almost a year ago, Andrew, Bennett and I moved into the home we currently live in and it is a unique situation. The home we live in and rent currently is my first childhood home. It is the home my Dad and Mom bought together, that I came home in and learned to walk in. It is the home that my Dad moved into when my parents divorced and I spent a few days a week at and it’s the house that for almost a year I lived in with my ex-husband before we got divorced and that I lived in by myself coping with that divorce.

Living in the Bay Area, prices for homes and rent are pretty ridiculous, little over a year ago our little family of 3 lived in Mountain View,CA in a cute newly renovated Duplex, that we LOVED. However, once when our lease was up the owners decided to increase our rent. We were sad, but we were planned on renewing our lease, despite the fact that it would make us really tight on money. And then my Dad offered up this house; we weighed the pros and cons… Pro it was a house, Con is what an older home, Pro it has a huge backyard, Con we hate the city its located in, Pro the rent is waaayyy cheaper, etc and ultimately it just made sense for us to move there.

Even though it is my technically “my” home we are still renters which means we can’t just fix it up whenever and however we’d like. However, at the beginning of the year Andrew and I made a list of things we would like to improve with home and hopefully we would get approval to do said things. We do plan on living in this house for 3 more years and the first item on that list was to get the exterior of the home painted.

So over a month ago, we had mentioned this to my Dad and about a week ago he texted me to let me know to pick out colors. It was a little out of the blue and we were getting it all done in a few days time frame. So it was a little rushed and we didn’t get to buy samples to try out beforehand. I was going purely off of what I saw online. Which is difficult. This was also a miscommunication on my Dad’s part. He thought since we had asked about it, that we had already tested colors out.. but i digress.

You see, you have NO IDEA how excited I was for this project the color of our house prior to getting it painted was a faded yellow, with faded greenish blue shutters. and peeling white trim. On top of how the landscaping of our front yard, it was just kind of made us embarrassed to have people over….



For inspiration of course I looked on Pinterest. I knew I wanted a navy-ish exterior, true white trim, a colored door and with the shutters I wanted natural wood stained shutters.


So, unfortunately my idea of naturally stained wooden shutters…Which I would want to be the color of the door in the middle photo above; was nixed. AND my original options for a colored door (See below) were nixed.


For the exterior, Andrew and I debated between two colors from Sherwin Williams.. Naval and In the Navy. Since Andrew doesn’t really give too many opinions when it comes to this kind of stuff. We went with his pick of In the Navy.  The next day was paint day (just the exterior) and after he finished and we saw the final result.. we were a little shocked.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 13.23.56




Although, the photos don’t do full justice to the problem, the home was very BLUE. Not a navy color but BLUE and on top of that there was a mistake and the color was done in a gloss, so we had a very blue and shiny home.  So after a day of discussion we decided to switch to our original color choice of Naval and definitely NOT with any gloss or sheen.

After making the switch and seeing the final product we are both VERY happy with the final results. Every time I drive up to our home, I fall more and more in love with it. There are still a lot of things we need to do. Like the porch needs a new color, all the shutters need to go up, and we need to do landscaping in our front yard, but it never ceases to amaze me what a little fresh paint can do for a home.