Sorry! No 12 week PP UpDate


Just wanted to pop in and say that I did not forgot it was my 12 week/3 month update. An update I was looking forward to! I am not chickening out, BUT there is zero point in me doing an update this week. On Sunday I came down with a sinus infection, that has rapidly made its way through the household. The baby currently has it =(  Being sick means the past few days, i have not been able to put the work into my body that I would have liked to have put into for the 3 month update. To add to that I also started my period this week; which as many of you know makes you bloated and gain water weight.

I was going to start to do month to month updates. BUT I think I will do a 14 week update to make up for this and then do a month to month update..

10 Weeks Postpartum

I contemplated skipping this weeks check in. I have felt SO good about my body this week, and I feel like I definitely sabotaged myself a little last night but eating THREE pizza of pizza we made ourselves and was definitely not gluten free. I will get it out of the way but I definitely did not accomplish my weight goal of 137, which is okay, but it is disappointing knowing I put the effort in and although, I can feel the results and somewhat see them. To not physically see them on the scale or in the photos is very upsetting to me. However, as much as I want to pretend the two week check in isn’t a thing this week, I will still post it. Also, something to keep on mind, which also may be self sabotage on my part is the fact that I don’t have any underwear that isn’t either a thong of complete full coverage that fits my current size. So for the bottoms, they are obviously tight, which only accentuates the fat. I am also, annoyed that my front facing camera on my phone as such poor quality!


8 Weeks


10 Weeks

I really really HATE looking at these photos.  And I think that is because I know in 2 weeks I will be hitting my 3 month mark and I am not where I wanted to be at 3 months and also, because swimsuit season is coming upon us. So, I have been doing everything right fitness wise and doing decently well food wise.  However, I know I building muscle, but I am not shedding fat. What I need to do is more cardio. Something, I have talked about but haven’t really been able to do. I won’t bore you with why I haven’t really done cardio, besides some small indoor cardio BUT I think starting tomorrow, I need to get up early while Andrew is still home to watch the kids before work and I need to go and run. That is the only way I will start getting the results I want, with everything else I have already been doing. I have also, been drinking a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (with water) every morning and I quite impressed with how much I don’t hate it.

See you again May 31st

8 Weeks Postpartum

We are at the 2 month mark since I gave birth to Owen and for the last 2 weeks, I haven’t made any real drastic changed besides doing 100 Squats and 100 Plie Squats almost every day. I also decided to do today’s progress photos without pants, so we can really start to see the progression and looking at those pictures is quite deflating. Not only because, i have to take the pictures with my forward facing camera, and the quality for some reason SUCKS, but also because pictures are HARSH. The way I feel and what I see in the mirror is much nicer than what the photos show me. but that is OKAY.  I try to remember that this body grew TWO babies and that in total was “18” months of my life where my body changed. So before I go into more detail, I will recap with the numbers, my 6 week photos and then my current photos


My 6 Week Photos…

and then my 8 week photos taken today.

It’s funny cause I look at these photos and SEE NO DIFFERENCE. But, i know that isn’t true. I know there is. However, I look at these photos and know that the past two weeks.. I didn’t work my hardest. Without saying much there were a lot of things that factor into that, but from no on I am going to be stepping my game up. I am adding real cardio back into my routine, which excites me since up until I was pregnant with Bennett I was doing 5-7 Miles a day and participating in 10K’s (was suppose to a half marathon 5 months pregnant with Bennett but that fell through). My diet will be getting switched up and I have decided to set some hard milestone goals for myself.  By 10 weeks I want to be 137, which means losing 5 pounds and by 12 weeks aka 3 months I want to be at my milestone weight of 132 AND by 6 months I want to be 115. Obviously, If if I don’t hit these goals that is OKAY, but it will at least give me something concrete to achieve every few weeks. See ya’ll with an update on May 17th!

6 Weeks Postpartum

Welp, this is real life. Cause this week although I FELT like I made progress, not only can you NOT tell, but my weight went up. If it wasn’t for the sake of accountability and accuracy, I wouldn’t even hit publish on this post. But this is real life and how the journey works. I will say it is frustrating to know I am working out considerably more and to not SEE the results in photo form.

First we will start with the numbers…


Than my photos from 4 Weeks

and now my current, 6 week Postpartum Photos

YIKES! However, discouraging it is to look at these photos and NOT see progress and to weigh myself and see weight gain. I know there are a few hormonal factors that are coming into play. Up until yesterday, I looked and felt a lot smaller… but as of last week I have stopped breastfeeding. For those who don’t know breastfeeding is considered a natural way to lose weight fast, because you are burning a lot of calories when you feed. On top of that if you are breastfeeding, your body will usually suppress whatever hormones you need/have to begin your period again. So, since I stopped breastfeeding my body is preparing to essentially start my period back up, pms, ovulation, etc. Which will cause bloating. So, i am going to chalk this weeks progress report to that.

With that being said, what have I been doing the past two weeks.. I upped my work out routine, just a little bit. Adding in some very light core work, doing arms with weights, stretching and the past 5 days I have made it my goal to get in 100 squats, as well as other leg exercises. Weather has been hit or miss, so not a lot of cardio. As far as food, been keeping it very light and clean as possible. With the exception of soda (i know, i know!).

My plan for the next two weeks and my 2 month mark. Today was my 6 week PP check up and everything looks good! Which means I can resume working out as normal!! YAY! MY body is still not physically able to push myself SUPER hard, BUT I am going to definitely increase the intensity and for how long I work out. Which honestly, makes me SO excited. I am going to look into taking a few classes as well. As far as food goes.. I am not going to change much… with the exception of increasing my water intake even more. I would say I currently average about 48oz a day (which for me is actually pretty impressive) and obviously decrease my soda intake.

Oh and one more nerve wracking thing.. since I am working on my legs and butt. I plan on my photos from here on out to be a little more revealing and pants less. Just so we can see the progress accurately there as well. The only reason this weeks photos aren’t that way is because our house is getting painted and surrounded by painters lol.

Wish me luck! And the next update will be May 3rd.




4 Weeks Postpartum

Talk about a nerve wrecking (racking?) thing to do. Committing to posting my postpartum journey to my blog. A public forum for ANYONE to see & judge me. In fact, I am a little impressed with myself with getting this blog post up!

It’s only been 2 weeks since my last post, so the changes might not be obvious… but I definitely can feel them and my progress is shown in the numbers. For the past 2 weeks, I have done a light regimen of arm exercises with weights (3 & 5 lbs) , Squats and on some days a light walk with the family. I have tried to eat a little healthier, I’ve upped my water intake and decreased my soda (aka Coke) intake. With that being said here are my results by the Numbers..


2 weeks Postpartum Photos

4 Weeks Postpartum

Looking at these makes me cringe!  I can start to see a difference and most importantly I FEEL the difference. I am 9lbs away from my first target weight which is super exciting and I am 26lbs away from actual goal weight. Which seems crazy and impossible, but it will take time and effort and I am going to commit to it.

Since I am not at my 6 week check-up point, I will still be continuing my light work out regimen, however.. I am going to try and begin meal prepping and clean eating. My next update will be posted on April 19th!

2 Weeks Postpartum

Let me get this out of the way…. my apologies for the blurry photos.

Today, I am 2 weeks postpartum exactly. I am now ready to focus on my fitness journey to a pre-baby body. And what I mean by Pre-baby I mean Pre- baby #1, but we will start small.

Let’s start with the numbers.


After I gave birth to Bennett I fluctuated between 128-132 but could never really get over that hump.

My 1st goal is to get back down to that weight 132 and my 2nd goal is to get back to 120.

HOWEVER… My biggest goal isn’t the numbers but in general just feeling good, strong and healthy.  Even right now at 2 weeks postpartum. I feel great about how I look. Although,  I did take some photos in just my bra and underwear for progress photos and I did cringe at looking at those ( not ready to share those with the internet)

Below you will find my last bump picture taken a day before Owen’s birth at 39 weeks and 1 day and my body currently at 2 weeks Postpartum with no exercise/diet changes prior.

My Current fitness plan for the next month is pretty light. Since I am still recovering and need to wait for the all clear at my 6 week doctors appointment to do more active workouts. However, I will be doing yoga, some light walking (if weather permits) and some light use of weights. As well, as improving my diet and water intake.

As far as keeping myself accountable, I plan to post my update and results every 2 weeks. So, you should expect to see my next post about my progress on April 5th.