Remember, That Book Club?

As you can tell this blog has been having its ups and downs. I have been more consistent than I have in the past…. but definitely, hit a slump mid year and couldn’t quite shake it. Lets’ hope the 2019 is different.

Earlier this year, I told you all about how Andrew and I have our own little “book club” The Boyfriend Book Club. Every month Andrew and I read a book together and talk about it.  My goal and hope is to get people to join us and for couples to enjoy some bonding time together while reading a good book.  My goal was to also be ahead of announcing the books we were reading and review them on here…. and while Andrew and I have done a great job reading.. we have failed at the review part and announcing the book we will be reading for the month; So that others could join along.

A big part of that was because we wouldn’t alway know what book we were reading until a few days before the 1st of the month. To get ahead of that this coming year, I have decided that I will be announcing every month on the 15th (yes, this is late) on my Instagram (@alittlebit_kt) the book we will be reading for the next month!

I am excited for this and I hope ya’ll will join us. I also think that means Andrew and I will be doing some form of reviewing the book.. I was thinking podcast but now maybe an Instagram Live, therefore it’s interactive with those who have read the book!

Head over to my Instagram to see this months book!