Book Review: Stalking Jack the Ripper

Several months ago, I was in a Target book aisle picking up two copies of A Court of Thorn & Roses by Sarah J Maas for Andrew and I to read for our book club. Like usual, I was looking at the rest of the books just to see if there was anything new out that I haven’t seen or heard of before.. when the cover of this book caught my eye. I’m a sucker for historical fiction especially when the cover has a girl in a pretty dress. Next being the title; I am morbid and have a slight fascination with unsolved crimes.  I hadn’t planned on buying a book for just myself. Especially, cause there were several other books on my TBR i needed to get to do (and still do) but the price was right and I felt compelled to do so.

As you can assume by the name Stalking Jack the Ripper is about pretty much just that. The author does a great job at combining the fictional story she is creating with the historical facts of the actual case. We follow Audrey a young high society lady who is fascinated in learning the work of her uncle…. a medical examiner. She loves the observation skills, medical knowledge and police work that goes into it but is very aware that it is frowned upon for a lady in general.. let alone her status to engage in.  Soon into the books we are meeting The Ripper’s victims and piecing the puzzle together. It seems the ripper could be someone close to her.. but we aren’t quite sure who just yet.

Audrey struggles with societal pressures, romantic feelings and an over protective father all the while trying to solve the case and catch Jack the Ripper. Although, I enjoyed the book overall. I would have been happy with a little more world building and the absolute ending wasn’t my favorite, but did the job. The one thing I struggled with was that I wanted Audrey to be a little more badass. (She is, and he knowledge of fighting is pretty historically accurate) BUT given the knife wielding girl on the cover; I was expecting someone more assassin like. Also,I am intrigued by the supernatural elements that will be at play in the next book in the series.. which I will eventually read but I am not dying to get my hands on at the moment.

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Uncommon & Unique Girl Name Beginning with “B”

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Locals Only: Beer-Thirty


For Father’s Day, as part of Andrew’s day we tried a new place called Beer Thirty in Soquel,CA which is you are not too familiar with California/The Bay Area that small town near Santa Cruz. Andrew is really into trying new beers, so when I discovered this place (thank you Instagram) I knew we had to go try it out and what was great is that it’s kid friendly! (It’s also, dog friendly).

Now the thing with popular trendy places, that get a lot of hype through instagram and other social media influencing is that I tend to get really excited and then really let down. BUT BEER THIRTY DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

It is advertised as a pour house (which it is) but it is also a beer garden. I did a quick read through on yelp, so I had an idea of what to expect but my expectations were met and then some. Beer Thirty is essentially… 2 buildings and then an open space filled with family style picnic seating and then separated into 2 areas one for families and one 21 and over.  The two building are essentially Beer and food.


I will start with the big draw.. the beer.  I am actually allergic to beer so I get hard cider when we go to places like this, but they offer 30 mostly California brewed beers on tap and then they have hundreds (maybe thats an exaggeration) of beers in cans and bottles to choose from.  Andrew ordered North Coast Old Rasputin and Corralitos Wease Da Joo-Oos and I had the Golden Stare Newton Pippin. I enjoyed the cider, but it wasn’t anything special and Andrew’s favorite of the 2 beers for the Corralitos.  I like that they let you do tastings and beer flights as well.

The other tiny building has like hipster pub food you can order; but it’s a small selection. So, pro tip: you can bring your own food in to enjoy while you are there too. Just not your own drinks. I got myself a bacon grilled cheese which was DELISH and some fries. Which for a picky eater like me, was the only thing really on the menu that appealed to me.

We spent the rest of our time there just sitting and talking, Bennett was running around making fast friends with other toddlers his age and honestly the vibe is just super relaxing and chill. Most definitely something we enjoyed, we were already planning when we would be back and who we had to take with us.  If you are ever in the area and you like beer; go check it out!



How Do You Find Time?

No Seriously, this is mainly directed to the mama’s out there.. specifically stay at home moms who don’t use childcare… but how do you find time in the day to get anything done? With to little ones on different schedules, I find it hard to get anything done during the day.  I wake up every morning with big plans and great intentions but most of my day look is planned around a time with they hopefully both nap and whatever errand we have to run that day and than filled in between with play time, diaper changes and feedings and by the time the day ends I have found i haven’t accomplished much else.

I want our days to be filled with meaningful entertainment and activities for the kids, my house work getting done and being organized, exercise, getting blogs posts done, uploading youtube videos and getting my personal work done as well and maybe reading a few pages of a book.

My biggest struggle I find is that Bennett is at an age where I can’t really leave him alone in a room , cause he now not only climbs on everything but gets into EVERYTHING no matter how childproof  I make it and our home is small. So we don’t have a dedicated play room, where i can throw him in and not worry about anything happening. Owen is 3 months old so my ability to do stuff his based on his attitude and his schedule. AND even if I get a miracle of them napping at the same time, i usually just want to have ME time and once Andrew gets home, I just want to have time with him ( he works 6 days a week… so the few hours a day we get together mean a lot)

I had started a plan to wake up at 6-6:30 AM and go running before the kids wake up. That way Andrew is still home with them. BUT I find myself wanting to sleep in if Owen woke up at 5AM or a few times during the night. I like my sleep and I am a night owl. So today I decided to start a new plan. Instead of going back to bed after taking care of Owen in the morning. I am going to wake up and start my day. That means I may wake up at 3AM or at 6AM and anywhere in between. BUT I will NOT go back to bed. I will wake up and start working, clean whatever needs to be cleaned or organized and workout/go for a run.  Now.. sleep is important but I can either nap when the kids nap or if I have to get up super early go back to bed before the kids wake up.

SO Mama’s i need to know HOW DO YOU DO IT?!  I know it is possible. I know it can be done… but How do you find the time?!  My plan my be crazy and I may fail at it.. but I have to TRY something new, cause the current system I have isn’t working.





February TBBC Book Review: Midnight at the Electric

It’s June and I am finally reviewing our February Book Club read… GO ME!

Lol when I began the 2018 Boyfriend Book Club. I had jotted down a list of books we would read each month, pre-picked them. That way you guys would know what books to read and could follow along with us. However, after this book we have yet to read a book that was on the pre-made list. OOPS.

So, lets start off with how I discovered this book… there is a youtube channel, based off a blog, that is affiliated with a HarperCollins, but it is for their YA books (my preferred genre of reading) and on that channel Margot Wood did a segment talking about all the books on her TBR, that she had just read and that are going to be released soon.  Many videos ago… she talked about Midnight at the Electric and based off her description and mainly the cover I was sold.

Here is what I knew about the book. It tells the story of different people during different time periods. And yes, the book does just that. However, my feelings are super mixed from there. As we read we learned that there are 3 ladies.  Adri in the future, Catherine and her family during the dustbowl and Lenore is post WWI England.

Each of the stories are unique and interesting. Adri’s especially since it takes place in the future and you kind of feel this realistic dread that that is where we are heading if the politics stay as they currently are.  Catherine’s story is so heartbreaking as I think many of us don’t truly understand the devastation that the dust bowl actually caused for many people and Lenore’s story felt very much a catalyst but also, open-ended.

Now, the most intriguing part of this book and the title of the book is what happens at Midnight.. at The Electric?! Welp, if you were expecting some magical nightly occurence. Maybe ala Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. You will be sadly disappointed as The Electric has really zero importance to story.

Despite that flaw, Andrew and I did the book and were quite into the stories and the mysteries involved within the plot. Until the book did one of biggest pet peeves. Ended too soon! You know what I am talking about.. I just mentioned in my last post that How to Stop Time did this too.  You are nearing the end of the book and you realize their are 10 pages left and yet there is SO much story left to be told, so many questions and closure, how could they possibly wrap that up in 10 pages?! It does get wrapped up, but not ever how you truly would have liked or what would seem realistic.  Thats what happened here folks!  I felt there was SO much more that could have been told and so much more that needed to be answered. Andrew and I would have happily read another 100 pages of this story.

With all that being said. The story is a good story. I just went in with preconceived notions about the book, that messed with how i enjoyed it.

Available at Amazon & Target.




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We’re Open!

Yesterday, I officially launched my website I still have my Etsy Shop; BUT I wanted to separate the two and expand on my own personal creativity. The shop is starting small with only 3 items, but I plan to be offering more soon.  So, if you would kindly like to check it out and purchase some shirts if you feel inclined, than thank you in advance.


20 Uncommon & Unique Boy Names Beginning with “B”

That’s right, I’m going to be going through the Alphabet! Check out my list for the letter A Here & let me know which name is your favorite from the list below!

Book Review: How to Stop Time

Full Disclosure… I did receive this book for review. However, I did not read or really review it in a timely manner and this is 100% an honest review.

A couple months ago, I got an e-mail asking if i would be interested in reviewing a book, that essentially had “time travel”, history and a little mystery in it and my mind exploded, cause it mixed everything I LOVE into one. So, obviously.. I said yes!

Right off the bat… I will say the book was not at all what I expected ( like it doesn’t actually have time travel) but in the most pleasant way possible it is a very quick paced book, with a Benjamin Button-Esque vibe to it. The main character Tom is an anomaly, he is in a small club/genetic mutation of people who age extremely slowly. So although, he appears to be in his 40’s he is actually several hundred years old. What I loved most about this twist, is he is still human, he isn’t immortal by any means, just resilient.  The story line bounces back and forth between present day, and lives from Tom’s past.

Tom works for a secret society, meant to protect people like him, all the while searching for his daughter, who is believed to be just like him and battling with falling in love, when he know it isn’t a sustainable relationship.  All of this is very well written and as the pages kept dwindling down to the end; I couldn’t believe we were nearing the end! I honestly, want this to become a series, as I feel there is great potential for that. And that is my only gripe with this book.  It doesn’t appear to be a series (although, I hope I am wrong) So it felt, like everything kind of comes to a climax and conclusion in the very last pages. Which is something, I  actually hate when authors do. As if, they got tired of writing the story, so they try to wrap everything up as quickly as possible. This is one of those stories that the author could of easily added 100 more pages to the storyline and I would still be intrigued by everything going on.

What also, made it fun reading this book, was that I was also reading it, while actively watching ABC’s show Timeless. So, it just added a nice touch, in the historic aspects. I do highly recommend reading How to Stop Time by Matt Haig and would love to know others thoughts and feelings on how it ended.


May Favorites 2018

I have not down a favorite on this blog before & that is mainly due to the fact that I usually don’t change my routine enough to have favorites; but this month their were quite a few items that I have been LOVING. So, I thought I would share them with you!

To begin… in May I began drinking Raw Apple Cider Vinegar


and I LOVE IT! I know people tend to be scared of it, but I’ve found that, that is because people take it as a straight shot. Which you shouldn’t do! It WILL burn! So, I take it with a large glass of cold water and a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and honestly, it tastes like diluted Apple Juice.  But it supposedly, has a lot of health benefits that I am totally here for.

The next thing I surprisingly began loving this month was Rompers. As someone who has quite big boobs and is short. Rompers are not usually suited for me. However, after having two babies… I have struggled with finding clothes to wear that I like and that are flattering to me and after trying a few rompers on I have found a style I like and that actually looks good on me. So now, I just want ALL the Rompers.

On the same line of rompers. I am loving high waisted, wide legged pants! Which are also very complementing to my postpartum body and they are just comfortable.


The next thing I began to love in May was a TV Show called Deception.  Andrew and I watch a lot of TV shows usually on Hulu and we LOVE a lot of shows, but I am mentioning Deception because it was a show that snuck up on us. We began watching it just because we didn’t have any other episodes of our usually shows to watch, so we tried Deception out and began to throughly enjoy it. I would say the Pilot episode isn’t the BEST but intriguing.. however, stick through it and it has a very great storyline. Unfortunately, as I am typing this out I have discovered that the show was cancelled and did not receive a Season 2! Which upsets me, since this is like the 3rd show I like a lot that was not picked up for another season. Yet, somehow the game show Beat Shazaam was… #shade.

My other obsession in the month of May was the drink Izze’s. I am a big drinker of Coke and I am constantly looking for drinks that I like to replace my urge to drink coke. My biggest replacement for the caffeine is usually green tea, but I haven’t found anything flavored


to replace it. Until a recent visit to Andrew’s Aunt and Uncle’s where I had a taste of Izze’s, we immediately bought our own when we got home and I am a huge fan of the Clementine and Peach flavor.

I’m sure I have a few more, but just like any other exhausted mother, my brain is beyond exhausted and my memory not as sharp.