Sorry! No 12 week PP UpDate


Just wanted to pop in and say that I did not forgot it was my 12 week/3 month update. An update I was looking forward to! I am not chickening out, BUT there is zero point in me doing an update this week. On Sunday I came down with a sinus infection, that has rapidly made its way through the household. The baby currently has it =(  Being sick means the past few days, i have not been able to put the work into my body that I would have liked to have put into for the 3 month update. To add to that I also started my period this week; which as many of you know makes you bloated and gain water weight.

I was going to start to do month to month updates. BUT I think I will do a 14 week update to make up for this and then do a month to month update..

Bennett’s 2nd Birthday Party: Curious George Theme

So late last month we celebrated Bennett’s 2nd Birthday Party. We had it later in the month because Bennett’s actual birthday on the 3rd was just too close to Owen’s birth and I knew I wasn’t going to be up to planning a birthday party SO soon after giving birth. In fact, usually I start planning a party months in advance and although i had an IDEA of what i wanted for Bennett’s party; I didn’t begin until about a week before and most of the supplies I got were from the Dollar Store, some Target and Amazon too.

For the past few month before, I also debated between whether his theme should be Curious George, Cars or Baseball. He loves all 3 of those. However, I figured baseball & cars are things he will most likely still like as he gets older, but Curious George represents his current age very well. Since I love planning parties and have such bad luck with them (usually the weather) I decided to give myself slack this time around. I was going to keep it very simple and casual and not stress about it.  And that paid off. Cause just like every other party I have had before, the weather was my nemesis. The WHOLE Week, the weather had been perfect, but of course the day of the mainly outdoor party it had to be overcast weather with some light showers. Which led to  very anti-climatic decor as I couldn’t really decorate outside. BUT i didn’t panic and just accepted the day for what it was and what was accomplished looked nice.


For food we kept it simple with Sloppy Joe’s I Made, pizza from Little Ceasar’s, Fresh Veggies, Pretzel Chips and for Dessert. Funfetti Cake w/ Lemon Icing, Banana Cupcakes w/Cream Cheese Frosting and Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Chocolate frosting all of which I made and decorated.


The weather did get better towards the end and the party overall was nice and Bennett had a bajillion cupcakes and enjoyed himself thoroughly which is all that really matters at the end of the day.

Unique & Uncommon Girl Names Beginning with A

On Friday I posted a list of 20 Uncommon Boys Names Beginning With A so, I of course had to follow up with the girls version! ENJOY!


Do you have any favorites from the list?! Next up is the letter B, leave your suggestions down below!

20 Uncommon & Unique Boy Names Beginning with A

Last week, a friend of mine on Facebook asked for baby boy name suggestions, as they are having a boy very soon and have yet to fins a name they like. I quickly messaged her and asked her a series of questions to determine the styles of names they were looking for and then I made her a list of 40 names. Whether they end using a name from list, we will see.. but what I do know is I enjoyed making that list. You see, I have always had a fascination with names and their meaning and origins. I am odd like that, always being interested in random subjects and interests. After making that list I thought to myself… could I have this as a job? haha and although, I don’t know if baby list name making for those expecting can actually be a job… I figured.. Hey! why don’t I make it a series on blog?! So today, I present to you 20 Uncommon and/or Unique Baby Boys Names Beginning with the letter A.






And those are the 20 names! What name is your favorite?! Do you have a child with any of these names? Were you maybe inspired to use one of these names? Let me know in the comments down below! Coming soon will be 20 Uncommon/Unique Baby Names for Girls Beginning with A.

10 Weeks Postpartum

I contemplated skipping this weeks check in. I have felt SO good about my body this week, and I feel like I definitely sabotaged myself a little last night but eating THREE pizza of pizza we made ourselves and was definitely not gluten free. I will get it out of the way but I definitely did not accomplish my weight goal of 137, which is okay, but it is disappointing knowing I put the effort in and although, I can feel the results and somewhat see them. To not physically see them on the scale or in the photos is very upsetting to me. However, as much as I want to pretend the two week check in isn’t a thing this week, I will still post it. Also, something to keep on mind, which also may be self sabotage on my part is the fact that I don’t have any underwear that isn’t either a thong of complete full coverage that fits my current size. So for the bottoms, they are obviously tight, which only accentuates the fat. I am also, annoyed that my front facing camera on my phone as such poor quality!


8 Weeks


10 Weeks

I really really HATE looking at these photos.  And I think that is because I know in 2 weeks I will be hitting my 3 month mark and I am not where I wanted to be at 3 months and also, because swimsuit season is coming upon us. So, I have been doing everything right fitness wise and doing decently well food wise.  However, I know I building muscle, but I am not shedding fat. What I need to do is more cardio. Something, I have talked about but haven’t really been able to do. I won’t bore you with why I haven’t really done cardio, besides some small indoor cardio BUT I think starting tomorrow, I need to get up early while Andrew is still home to watch the kids before work and I need to go and run. That is the only way I will start getting the results I want, with everything else I have already been doing. I have also, been drinking a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (with water) every morning and I quite impressed with how much I don’t hate it.

See you again May 31st

Weekly Re-Cap: #2


Welp, first off I am late to getting this posted! So way to go me! But to be honest, this past week is sort of a blur to me…

Sunday, Andrew and I had planned to clean out our Garage. We had recently acquired a whole bunch of my childhood boxes, which ended up taking up a while bunch of space. So my goal was to go through all of the boxes and sort them or throw stuff away and then make space in the garage for everything.  We woke up that morning and I made my delicious Gluten Free Pancakes. and we started to unload the garage so I could go through everything.



Unfortunately, half way through the process of cleaning I got some very sad and serious news. Nothing that I plan on sharing at the moment; but something that definitely put a slight damper to the day.  We decided to run some errands and just hang out and process for a moment. Then I continued with the cleaning process for a short while and mainly just organized the garage so we could get stuff when we needed it. We will be having another clean out day pretty soon though.


The rest of the week I was in a real funk. I tried to get work done, but really just couldn’t muster the energy up to do it. Besides getting workouts in, I cannot remember most of the week. This is what I can remember though…

Tuesday, Owen turned 2 Months old! Which is a shock to me, but it also feels like he has been here 6 months already. It was also National Have A Coke Day so I celebrated just that on Instagram. Also, I think this was the day that the first prototype of one of the shirts we will be selling on the new website arrived too!

With Owen turning 2 months old we had his 2 month Old check up where I was pleased to find out he is gaining weight again! Even if he is still in the 1% percentile. The doctor didn’t seem too worried about his breathing/sleep issues ( i’m still convinced he has mild sleep apnea or something similar) and she confirmed what I suspected that he does have a flat head on one side, but he doesn’t need a helmet at the moment. Besides that… everything looks good.

On Bennett’s end we attempted to begin Potty training, but really I set myself up for failure on this aspect because I really didn’t give myself several days where we are JUST home to prepare ourselves. I am not pushing it, but he is wearing pull-ups, with some naked time and he has sat on the portable potty we have (something I wanted to avoid but felt would work best with Bennett) but doesn’t like it very much, he will in a worried tone say “YAY!” but he hasn’t sat on it willingly yet. To bribe him we give him hot wheels, which he enjoys. BUT i have cleaned more pee AND poop off the floors than I would like to admit.

Friday, we watched my little brothers baseball game (they won) and then we went to dinner afterwards which was nice and Saturday, we went to watch Andrew’s cousin play softball. She absolutely killed it, even if their team lost and afterwards we had pizza at their place. It is always nice getting to spend time with them; since both Andrew and I only met that side of the family 2 years ago and Andrew’s youngest cousin is only a year older than Bennett. So they get to spend time together playing and that was a wrap up to our week and nice way to end it since it had started with such bad/sad news.


4 Summer Drinks Ft. Berry LaCroix


unnamed-29So, after Bennett’s birthday we had leftover Berry LaCroix and since we aren’t big LaCroix drinkers in this household… Andrew suggested that I make some Summer Drinks with them and because I couldn’t just do 1 drink.. I decided to make FOUR!

Hope you enjoy and let me know if you make them!








StrawberryFrozenRummyRecipe copy