Bennett’s Room Before Baby Owen Arrives

The room that is always the most “finished” where we live is always Bennett’s. This is his 3rd bedroom! Although, I always feel like it is never completely finished. There are always design ideas popping through my brain.

However, when we moved into our current home, I had already had in mind the fact that we were trying for baby number two. Bennett got the biggest room in the house (technically suppose to be the master) and Andrew and I took the smaller room. So, when designing his room and doing the layout of it. I kept in mind that some day this room would also double as the nursery.

Although,  Baby Owen won’t be living in this room for a few more months after his birth. We have our baby shower this week and I want to start getting his side of the room ready. Mainly, for storage purposes. So, before we do that. I wanted to capture Bennett’s room as it is now. Before he has to share it.

A little description/back story. Bennett’s Nursery theme was Camping/Mountains. I choose the theme because I knew it was a theme that he could grow into for a few years. (Check out his nursery tour here) Although, with his obsession with cars, baseball and Curious George at the moment.. who knows this Mama might cave in to a change within the year.



If you want a more in depth look at the room head over to our youtube channel (here)


Book Review: The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living

Once upon a time… I was a Book Blogger.

I had all this time to read and I LOVED it. I would spend ANY free time I had reading and most my nights up til the wee hours of the morning devouring books. It wasn’t uncommon for to read 3-5 books in a week. This little book blog became minorly successful and I began forming relationships with publishers and authors and being sent books for review. Which is basically a book lovers dream come true! Life took some turns and my passion for book blogging greatly diminished and my time for reading slowly went away. As you can imagine even more so, once I became a Mom.

However, I have still been lucky to receive some books to review. Although, admittedly I don’t get to the reviewing part of them very often. Around the end of November I was asked to read and review The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living: A Novel by Louise Miller and I am sure glad I did!

The blurb on the cover describes it as Gilmore Girls… but I would describe it as Hart of Dixie in Vermont, meets all your favorite Hallmark movies. It takes place within a year and has all the feel good moments, with a little mystery and some surprises along the way, mixed with of course romance. Personally, I could have read another 150 pages and really delved into the town and all the other characters besides just focusing on Olivia. The premise in short involves a city baker, (Olivia) who leaves her job after an embarassing incident and moves to a small town in Vermont to help the local innkeeper and to bake the best apple pie. Seems simple, but there is more to the story. It’s a cozy book and one that I would recommend for anytime of the year. Not just Winter. (Since the cover insinuates thats when this all takes place).

Bennett’s Baby Shower

At the end of the month we will be having Owen’s Baby Shower. So, I thought I would share with you some photos, video and the story of my first sons baby shower.

I love a good party. For a long time growing up I wanted to be an Event Planner. I looked for any excuse to have a party. So, as expected I was pretty excited for the chance to have a baby shower.  Unfortunately, my dreams of the perfect paper shower were quickly lost.

A little background. For 25 years of my life I have been an only child and even though I have a now adopted 9 year old brother. I still consider myself an only child. So, I didn’t have sisters to plan the party for me, my Mom had recently moved to another state and wasn’t much of a party planner herself and no one else really offered to plan a shower. To be honest, I think a lot of people don’t think about the fact that I am an only child and how that factors in to events like this.  I had asked 4 of my closest friends if they could co-host my Baby Shower. 1- Lived in another state and would not be able to make and 2- declined for financial reasons. Which is fine and okay and I understand, but again since I had no other family or friends to do this and these 3 were the friends I had, had the longest… I was pretty bummed out that they all said “No, Thank You.” Personally, I think the fact that I was the first of my friends to get pregnant and they weren’t even thinking about that for several more years..Also, played a factor.  BUT thankfully, I had my one friend, a former co-worker who happily agreed to plan my shower.

Since, my friend worked in retail and the planning would take place during the holiday rush.. and okay, I’m a little bit of a control freak. Like I already stated I LOVED to plan parties. I decided to pick the date (I picked 3, so she could choose from them around her schedule) We settled on March 5th, 2016. I also picked the theme and the location. The theme being Beatrix Potter. A way for me to honor my Grandma Thomas, i would read and watch all the different Beatrix Potter stories at her home and it was a perfect unique spring book related shower theme for a boy.  And finding the venue was hard. We had a limited budget and most places were at min. $1K. After searching and searching, hours of stress and debating we settled on a local park, that was HUGE and super pretty.


As I said before my friend planning the shower and I were former Co-Workers. We both worked together at a store called Paper Source. Which is like a high end stationary, crafting, party planning store. So, I was super super excited when I got to see the invitations she designed for my shower. They were super pretty and she had, had another one of our former co-workers who does AMAZING calligraphy, address them for me. ( Amore Paper and Ink) and after this is when things started to go a little downhill.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 17.39.18

Because my friend worked in retail, she was only able to get the invites out a couple short weeks before the shower. Cutting the amount of people able to come down, drastically.  Then I was made aware that the RSVP number was incorrect.

The Sunday before my shower. I caught a NASTY sinus infection. I would end up going to the ER that and then spending the night before my baby shower and of my baby shower in Labor and Delivery because I was so dehydrated that I was having severe contractions.  Eventually being discharged around 1AM.

I woke up the morning of my shower to a flood of people asking me, if my shower was still on and if we had a back-up location. Turns out the biggest storm of the year (I wish I was exaggerating) decided to fall on the same day as my very much outdoors shower. I have no info. for anyone, cause I am still feeling VERY sick and my friend throwing the shower has not updated me on any plans being changed. So, to be proactive I head to FB and message everyone that the location for my shower will be changing and to hold tight and i will update you as I find out the info.

Now, mind you we didn’t get A LOT of RSVP’s to my shower. Which I had assumed was due to the fact that the phone number on the invite had been incorrect. BUT then I found out that a majority of the people I had invited NEVER received their invites! So here I am about 10AM, a couple hours before my shower. Watching the rain pour down outside from our window, stressed cause I don’t know where our shower is going to take place, and feeling like absolute crap. Finding out that more than HALF my family and friends never knew they were even invited to a shower, until right then. So, needless to say at this point I sat in the middle of our apartment on the floor sobbing. I just want to cancel the whole shower. My dream shower, had been shattered.  To top that off because the storm was SO bad, several people who had RSVP’d were texting to cancel as well.

My poor friend Tim Gunn’d it and had a make it work moment. The party ended up being held in the corridor of her Mom’s apartment. Not IDEAL, since it was still cold, but it was partially covered and it with what she had to work with. It well worked. As stated before, I wanted to cancel and I was feeling terrible sick, while also having contractions. So, Andrew who was not scheduled to appear at the shower. Kindly, took me to the pharmacy to pick up medication and was pretty much attached at my hip for the whole party. A handful of family and friends attended and they made the best of a shitty situation and my friend did a great job with what she had to work with.

Here is a VLog from my Youtube Channel, showcasing the week leading up to the shower and bits of the shower.

Weekly New Meal #1: Crockpot Chicken & Biscuits

In my last post of 2017, I posted my 2018 Goals Checklist (Here) and two of the goals on their was to Plan out our meals and to try at least one new meal a week.

Now I am going to be honest… I do not think we will try one new meal a week, every week. BUT I am sure going to try. The goal behind this, is because Andrew and I are picking eaters and also, being pregnant and a mom to a toddler. I find it hard to always find the time and energy to constantly think of new meals to cook. So, usually we have the same meals every week. Crockpot Chicken Enchiladas, Spaghetti, Cheesy Pasta, Iowa Chilly Soup (Recipe Here), Frozen Pizza, Tacos & Spanish Rice or take-out.  By doing this I hoping to expand not only our palettes, but also what foods start making it into our weekly rotation. Also, to hold me a little bit more accountable, I thought I would share my review of the meals that we try. That way if you are interested in trying them out yourself you can!

Our First meal I tried was Crockpot Chicken and Biscuits from this cookbook CROCK-POT® Recipe Collection that one of my best friends got me for Christmas, since she knew I was looking for more recipes Crockpot recipes specifically. I picked this because it was SUPER simple. Reminded me of Chicken Pot Pie, which I love and I knew wouldn’t be TOO crazy for Andrew.


As you can see, it’s a 4 ingredient recipe and I was super stoked about it, but as I added the items into the crockpot, I was quickly losing hope in how good it was going to taste.

First off, if you have a normal sized crockpot the portions in this recipe are miniscule! Barely scraping the bottom. Just to keep in mind and it was very clear to me that with the ingredients provided.. It was going to be a very bland meal.


Andrew came home, I served it to him and was pretty much correct with my originally assumption. The meal held ZERO flavor. The best part would have been the biscuits. Andrew, however did like the meal and ate his plateful. I however finished one and picked at the other. It just didn’t sit right with me.

With that being said, I love trying new meals that weren’t a complete fail because I love thinking of ways on how I can improve them and make them my own recipe and with this one I have already thought of a couple simple fixes and cannot wait to re-try with my spin on it. If it goes well, I’l definitely share it on here!

Have you tried this recipe before? If so, what were your thoughts? Let me know if you plan on trying it too!

We Are Not Prepared

In approx. 62 days we will be meeting our baby boy, Owen.


I don’t know why this is, but I feel way less prepared for Owen than I did with Bennett And in a lot of ways I am actually way more prepared for Owen then I was with Bennett. Like with Bennett I was living in a room, at a friends up until 5-6 months pregnant. With Bennett, both Andrew and myself didn’t really have jobs for most of the pregnancy. Oh, and we had never been parents before. However, I am way more nervous for Owen.

By this time in my pregnancy with Bennett, we had pretty much fully decorated his room. I had a majority of my bag packed and a list of stuff I still NEEDED and we were a week or two out from our hospital tour.  This time around, we have purchased a handful of clothes. We haven’t even begun his side of the room, we don’t need to do a hospital tour and not only do I not have an idea of what to pack in the hospital bag… I don’t even know where it is (I plan on just using the same one).

I will say I think it is more mental though. I don’t feel prepared mentally for two kids and I feel guilty. First off, Bennett was a relatively easy baby and even a toddler. He slept/sleeps through the night, is rarely fussy, drinks and eats like a champ, never had a blowout, loves his carseat, takes his medicine, etc. So, it scares me that I am going to have another baby who is an individual and MAY NOT have any of those traits.

I also, feel guilty because as much as we are preparing Bennett for Owen’s arrival. I know he doesn’t know whats coming and that makes me feel bad. It makes me feel bad that he is too young to remember when he was the only one. When he got all of our love and attention and was the center of our whole world. I found myself wishing we had waited another year.

I know a lot of this is normal to feel, but it still doesn’t change that anxiety it gives me.

The Boyfriend Book Club

A week late, what a surprise!

But I would like to introduce you to something. Andrew and I call The Boyfriend Book Club. Although.. he is in fact my Fiance now. Andrew and I started this in Jan. 2016. When I was pregnant with Bennett and actually in the hospital. Our first book was The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel and our plan was that every month we would pick a new book and read it together.  And every year we have failed. 2016 we got into February and then stopped, 2017 it was April.  A lot of that was because I had originally planned that we alternate months of who picked a book out, but although Andrew enjoys reading.. he isn’t a former book blogger. Therefore, he doesn’t keep up with what books to read, what is being released.. etc. and we would always leave it to the end to pick a book and then just end up not buying them. Even though we have failed at it. Andrew and I enjoyed doing it. We enjoyed the bonding of every night sitting next to each other in bed, reading the same pages and discussing what we had read after.

So, in 2018 we have come up with what I hope to be a better system. This year… I am picking the books and i am buying them mid-month, so they are ready for us to begin the first of each month. I have already made my list up until September I believe, leaving room for new releases and recommendations.

And here is our January 2018 Pick:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.40.57

 My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday StoriesProbably, a better pick for December.. But i saw this while ordering Christmas gifts and i saw all these amazing authors, that I LOVE. So… it became our January pick. Now that I have rambled on about the origin story of our little book club. I would like to invite you to join! First, let me start by saying that you DO NOT have to have a boyfriend to join in. You can be single, have a fiance, husband, wife, girlfriend… whatever. It is just a catchy name. Second, if you want to use this as inspiration but don’t want to follow along with our book choices that is fine too.Third, the way we read, is that we divide the total amount of pages in the book by the days in the month. This usually averages about 12 pages a night. That way it’s easier if one or both of your are not as strong of readers. Andrew enjoys reading, but doesn’t have a strong attention span. So this works best for us. However, read at what pace works best for YOU.At the end of the month / beginning of the next month, we will both share our review and thoughts of the book. We would LOVE to hear your thoughts and opinions too and we would love that if you decide to join in that you follow us on Instagram @whatupKT_ and @andrewbiscardi and that you use the #theboyfriendbookclub. 

*the links provided for the books are affiliate links

Re-Cap of 2017

I wanted to make a post on this on New Years Eve.

However, Bennett ended up getting Hand, Foot and Mouth =( Which resulted in my attention and energy being fully devoted to him feeling better and comfortable. He is better now and honestly, for how bad it can be he handled it like a champ.

So, 2017 started out rough for us. More so, Andrew but overall as a family it was ROUGH. A weeks before Christmas Andrew’s Grandma passed away. He funeral was scheduled within the first few days of the new year. We had actually spent the the last few days of 2016 in Idaho visiting my Mom. For being such a sad time in our lives. We actually had a great time. Boise had an extremely snowy season and Andrew had never been to or in the snow. (a first he shared with Bennett). We spent our NYE in front of the capital of Boise. Watching them drop a giant potato. Which was an experience to say the least. It was 12-14 degrees but according to the weather app… feels like zero. BUT we did it. It was also, our first NYE that I wasn’t pregnant and that Andrew didn’t fall asleep before midnight.  ANYWAYS, the next day we were scheduled to drive back to California. We spent New Years Day driving home in not ONE but several blizzards. Let me tell you.. that is an experience! In my tiny Kia, with Californians who have never driven in a blizzard and an almost 9 month old. After being delayed a night due to the Sierra’s being closed and having to stay in Reno. We eventually made it home to attend funeral services, the following day.

The next few months were kind of rough for us. It just seemed that everytime we would get our heads afloat, we would be hit with something else. Although, not all bad. It just felt bad. THEN, in May we discovered that the duplex we lived in which we LOVED and had only been living in for 6 months; was raising our rent. BY A LOT. We felt like 2017 was just not going to be our year. We ended up moving back to our hometown. 20 minutes from where we had lived and into my old childhood home. Not something ideally we wanted but made sense for us at the time.

During all of this Andrew and I had been trying to get pregnant. We had reached our year mark of trying and began looking into talking to a fertility specialist and using apps for ovulation. Every month I wasn’t pregnant, was a sad and crushing blow. BUT as you know, in July I would finally get a positive pregnancy test and I would say around then is when our year turned around!

From there, we just didn’t seem to have any bumps (i’m sure we did, but none that were significant enough to bring us down) Bennett went from barely walking, to couldn’t be stopped. He developed an obsession with collecting leaves on walks and playing with Cars. We found out the gender of Baby #2. A Boy. and settled on a name Owen. Bennett had his first Halloween where he could actively participate and had a blast. He was cute little wolf (although, he didn’t wear his ears) and man oh man did that kid eat a TON of candy.

In November my best friend had her baby and Bennett wasn’t a fan of us giving attention to the baby. But was very sweet and affectionate towards him. I’m sure that will change when he realizes the one in my belly is coming home with us. Thanksgiving was fun and Andrew got to go to Cabo! December was all about Christmas shopping, our Christmas party and making sure Bennett didn’t break any ornaments on the tree. Haha Luckily, no ornaments were broken although one present was prematurely opened. Christmas was quite magical. It was the first one that Bennett understood opening presents and I can’t wait until next year, when the concept of Santa is understood.

Of course, as mentioned before we rang in the New Year with a sick toddler. BUT we also, didn’t have any other plans, as this is our 2nd out of 3 New Years together that I was pregnant. So we stayed in, made sure our little one was comfy. Enjoyed each others company, played some Monopoly DEAL (which we got as a Christmas Gift) and we watched the ball drop and kissed at midnight.  Minus our sleeping but sick child. It was actually a nice NYE. It was nice knowing we weren’t going into 2018 with sadness, but the excitement that VERY soon we will be having Baby Owen and just that the positive possibilities feel endless! So, here were are 8 days into 2018 and so far.. (knock on wood) so good.