2018 Goals

I’ll write a post tomorrow about reflecting on 2017 but today’s post I wanted to take about New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t really make any resolutions but more so a general list of things I would like to accomplish in the next year. Essentially, Goals.

Last year, I had Andrew and I make Inspiration Boards. Something, I have heard has great success. Almost like the secret, if you put it out in the world it will come back around to you. The only downside to doing the collage style inspiration board was 1 finding magazine’s that had images we wanted to use ( I mean magazines are quite pricey these days) and the other problem we faced was that our boards were medium -large size and when we moved in June, we didn’t have anywhere to store them.. so they kind of just got hidden behind things and to me that takes away their intention.  With that being said I thought I would share my board with you.


Some of these things were actually accomplished. We got a new kitchen table, a new couch. We got pregnant with baby #2, something we really wanted to happen, but weren’t sure it would. I worked out more, read a few more books than I had in 2016 (but no where near where I used to be) and I definitely cooked more and I notice as I type this out and look at the image above… some of these have also, made it into my 2018.

Instead of doing an inspiration board this year, I decided to make a 2018 Goals Checklist.  Something small (11 X 8) and that I could hang up and look at often to keep me on track and then I could physically see how much I have accomplished as I check them off. Hopefully, more than a handful. (PS. yes, I am aware of the typos)


As you can a lot of more goals are more materialistic, but a lot of those goals.. are expensive, but I need to accomplish professional goals I have on this list.  I also left a few blank spaces in case I think of goals I want to accomplish throughout the year.

If you like the idea of a 2018 Goals Checklist, I made some blank ones that you can print out yourself and add your own goals for 2018. If you end up using the checklist make sure to tag me in your photo on insta (@whatupkt_)

What is in a Name?

As you may know by now… Baby #2 is another Boy.

For some reason Andrew and I REALLY struggled with coming up with Baby boy names we BOTH liked. Girls names we have on lock. We have about a list of 5 names we love, but boys names was harder. I personally have a LONG list of baby boy names I liked, but Andrew was harder to convince. He would flip flop on names, one day liking them, the next not and back and forth that would go.  We finally narrowed our list down to 3 names.

Henry, Leopold (Leo for Short) and Owen.

My criteria for first names is a few things.. besides liking how it sounds and it just feeling right. I like names that aren’t super popular but are not uncommon and I like names with a good meaning. For instance I we liked the name Emerson, but the meaning of that name is literally Emery’s Son.

We also use 2 middle names. This is something I started and Andrew just has to go a long with it. I like middle names to honor family members, past and present and 2 middle names means more sides of the family get to be represented.  For us, Baby #2’s middle names had already been picked out. So, the first name also had to go well with his 2 middle names.

After narrowing it down to those 3 names, one really just stood out and stuck and before we knew it, that is what we had started calling him. Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 13.18.13



Young Warrior, Well Born, Noble








Free One


The first middle name was picked was obvious-ish reason Andrew, after his Dad and also, Andrew is named after his Great Grandfather. There was actually some debate about the Andrew being the middle name. Andrew really wanted to have Baby #2 be Andrew Jr. However, I am not a fan of the using Jr. and but my compromise is we could of done the 2nd, but it really would have been a moot point cause he would go by whatever his middle name would have been.. SO, we should just put it as a middle name. The other part of that is why we didn’t just use Andrew’s middle name as the babies middle name as well, as most people do. and that is because Andrew’s middle name is Thomas and Thomas is My last name. Which is also Bennett’s last name and would be Owen’s hyphenated last name. So it seemed like we would be going overboard if we did that.

The second middle name is Frank. Which I think is the middle name that throws most people off. But it is the one with the most meaning as it represents several people in my family. Honestly, this name most likely pops up A LOT in my family tree and even in Andrew’s, but the specific people Frank was picked after are my great uncles Frank Bumb and Frank Thomas. Both my grandfather’s brothers. My Grandpa Bumb’s dad (my great-grandfather) his name was Franz in Germany, but changed to Frank when he arrived in America and it is also my Great Great Grandpa Thomas’ name.

So, as you can see..I put a lot of thought and meaning into the names.

What is the meaning behind your name? and if you have children; why did you choose their names?






I could give you all the excuses as to why I went MIA and they are all valid.

I had post ideas, that just didn’t end up working and I had photos that just didn’t turn out and than I had writers block and it felt like everyday I was just SUPER busy. I didn’t have time to sit and form a blog post and then I am pregnant, with a toddler running around and every single intention I had to write a post, just vanished.

SO.. these last few days of 2017. I will be doing a little bit of catch up for you. Posting about the fall, my pregnancy and my intentions for 2018. Be patient with me. I am getting there. Luckily, all the random things I needed to do leading up to Christmas have all been taken care ( minus getting the last of my baby shower invites out) and I have literally ALL day to be a productive blogger. So no more excuses. =)